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[WM6.5][Skin][wqvga] Titanium Sense

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pleas i have modified the cpr to 240x320 to fit qvga

but no chance still most of the skin is miss placed can you give a help

of course if you make a qvga it will be much bitter

if you dont have qvga divice it will be my pleasure to be a tester for your work . and thankful for your time

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will this work for i910 verizon or its just for i900

Its for the 910 and if u want a ROm with it already cooked in try evidence room in the 910 page as it will allow u to have it already cooked in =)

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i installed on i910 but all i see is a utilities folder and inside has 3 icons the radar, weather, and chome editor. how do i make this theme work. i have no ui installed currently. im thinking i need to install a titanium ui and this theme would apply to it? but i searched for a titanium ui and could not find 1 without reflashing to diff rom.

also nikich this theme looks awesome, was wondering if u, or i can do myself with some direction, make the background a weather background, you know the one changes as the weather changes? that would make complete. thanx for all ur hardwork.

edit:: for the background idea i was thinking of something animated like this http://pocketnow.com/software-1/mobilityfl...als-htc-weather that is actually a weather app (quite buggy) but if the accurate weather info and animation can run in the background that would be siick. might drain battery quite a bit, but there could be options to turn off auto-update or turn off animation and just switch from diff weather background images. something to that extent. but i really just would like to see animated weather background.

** i got ur theme up and running and it is s1ck. any idea's on how i can change the color, saw some all white themes and is liking that opposite change from having all black since the beginning. also is there any way the wifi, bt, data, phone, be a 1 buttom push on/off? instead of it going into big details and have to scroll, same with the notifications.

if any1 wants the titanium .cab here is a linky http://www.modaco.com/content/i910-specifi...i910-dc22-cf03/ bottom of post 3.

*** also uhm again thank you for the best theme out, but for the opera "bar" will it work with opera mini 5 and/or opera 10 final, and currently i have no opera installed, once installed will it auto link together? or do i have to set something.

and also radar does not work for me says invalid download link

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Hey NikichZ

This is totally HOT, man. Fuc#In AMAZING JOB.....rockout.gif

definitely the best Titanium Theme I've seen, I swear eusa_clap.gif.

good to see you in this forum

where is your fantastic rom

we miss this wondefull roms

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