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Device Boot time

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Hi All,

Anyone know how i can find the device boot time or some other unique value that remains constant while the device is running but changes between boots.

I've looked at the following:

1. The HKLM\System\Uptime has "ShutdownTime" key however i've not seen that value change on the devices I have.

2. Getting the current time by calling GetSystemTime & SystemTimeToFileTime, convert it to milliseconds and then subtracting the GetTickCount() value. I've not tried this on WinMo specifically but we did tested on win32 and since winmo keeps track of time the same way win32 does it will not work correctly. What i've seen on win32 is that since win32/winmo keep track of time in the number of 100 nanosecond intervals since 1/1/1601 when I calculate the boot time it differs by 1ms sometimes.


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