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News from FpseCE 0.10, PSX emulator

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first, I'm sorry for not having time to post so much for a few weeks.

I have news concerning FpseCE 0.10.

If you have been following FpseCE forum, you know that Schtruck is waiting for the last overlays and a decent website to release FpseCE 0.10.

I know some have been waiting for a long time now. What is different is that LDchen is now OK for the go, and most of the overlays from Almighty bob are now ready.

I had something to test yesterday.

I asked Schtruck if I could make a video since it's the closest from the final release I've ever had. He said yes.....

So here is my new vid, you can see the new overlay, and one of the possible use of the G-sensor, as well as the UI in the last part of the video

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Dont get me wrong, and every emu is a good emu, but that promisse has been out for so long, that even when it actually comes out, I still wont believe it. :D

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No problem, I understand!

BTW, what you see on my vid was installed with a .cab I recieved in my mailbox via the automated system Schtruck will use for the final release....

close to the release, but I really understand that you can't believe me :D

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Looks awesome. Willing to buy it when it is finally out. About the change to TG01 on the videos, Omnia will still support all those nice overlay

and G-sensor functions, right? Weeks or month away from release???


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Remember posting that ?

The usual bullcrap from i900, as usual.

Months, nay, YEARS, of useless Youtube-posted videos to bait and wind up people still wanting this vapourware.

"Ooo, look at me, I have something you lot don't have, so I'm going to post more useless crap on Youtube".


Come back when it's actually out !!!

I'll put money on this being released, FIRST, only to paying users, while the free one gets sidelined, if it ever gets released.

And to think, the leading dev can't even seem to talk to his web devs.

Funny how, since it was supposedly coming out MONTHS ago, just as a release looks likely, someone can't seem to find or talk to someone else whos mysteriously disappeared.

Oh, and asking for cash for emulators is, IMHO, just flat out wrong, especially when the IP of the system you're emulating is owned by someone else.

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