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Sorting messages within threads

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edit: some details about my phone

samsung omnia i900

using windows mobile 6.5.1 build 23071

Hey guys

I just updated my ROM, so I also just finished re-syncing my messages using MyPhone. theres a slight problem: When I i am just in the main messages screen - with the list of all messages (which are threaded based on who the messages are from) things are working just fine. However when I go into one of those threads (to actually read the messages), the threaded messages are sorted in a very unusual way. it's kind of almost as if it's displaying all of the person's messages to me, then all of my messages to them

is there a way to re-sort all the messages IN the threads so that it displays according to date and time? I have upgraded my rom and resynced with myphone a number of times and up until this time it normally sorts the messages just fine, but somehow this time it did it wrong...


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