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Coming back to windows mobile after a long time away?

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Hello everyone, been a reader for a while and have dealt with Paul before over on the XDA site. This is my 1st post here though so if this is in the wrong place then mods please move it to somewhere that's more appropriate.

It's been a number of years since I've used a WM device, last one was probably the HTC Diamond. Been using mainly Android devices since.

Anyways I picked up the HTC ROSE / S740 the other day and it runs WM 6.1 standard. I have to say it's a really nice actually, really nice to get back to actual button pressing. The build quality as with most HTC devices is great and it really is a pleasure to use.

Now I have always quite liked WM as it seems you have a far greater control over the whole OS then with other platforms.

But I've been away from the game for so long I'm not quite sure where to look for stuff. Where's the best place to grab apps for this particular version of WM? Obviously it's vastly different from just popping into the android market and downloading something. Just wondering where everyone picks up their stuff from?

I've seen various app sites for WM but most sites look really cheap and I don't know how much to trust them!

I would also like to give creating my own home screens/themes a go but need some pointers on what software to go for?

Any help very much appreciated and I'll continue to shift through the boards here looking for help.

Ta, Roy.

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