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How do i downgrade my G1 software?

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Hey people,

On Friday i got my first android phone (yay) a T-mobile G1, Problem is when i brought it home and switched it on the G1 screen came on then it turned to a HTC HERO by thessano and moonsspoon screen! When it finally loads after about 5-10 mins i cannot do anything with it. Cant access the android market, do emails or anything.

So i decided to go on the unlockr website to see if it could help with my dilemma. I found what i needed to do. the only problem is that when i try to update (alt+s) the phone says it cannot find the update.zip on my sd card!

Is this because the original sd card that was supposed to be in the phone wasnt there or what?

Do i need to do something magical to my sd card before i start the downgrade?

I know im babbling on a bit but any help would be much appreciated.

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The sdcard isn't important to the best of my knowledge mate. It should work with any one. Have you tried re-downloading your ROM and re-applying it? It could have been an iffy download.

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