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UK mobile phone data 'was sold'

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UK mobile phone data 'was sold'

Have you been cold-called by a "mobile phone company", saying that your contract is coming to an end (or soon) and they got your details correct. But you never used their company before, nor gave them any of your details. And you wondered how they knew that. You called your mobile phone operator who said they never gave away details to anyone.

Well, now we know why... it seems that some of the staff (I assume working in call center) has passed on customer's data to other companies. :)

Staff at a UK mobile phone company sold millions of records from thousands of customers without their knowledge, the information watchdog says.

Christopher Graham told the BBC that the details had been allegedly sold on to brokers for substantial sums.

They were allegedly used by other firms to cold-call customers of the unnamed firm as their contracts neared expiry.

This is a Major Data Breach! I really hope they will track down to whoever is doing this and get them sent away for a long time. :/

I too have been affected from unknown companies who cold called me and I usually ignore it, but it's really annoying that they have my details - unauthorised.

T-Mobile has said that T-Mobile customers' information was passed to third parties 'without our knowledge'.

Have you been cold called by unnown & 3rd parties?

[Via: BBC News Technology]

Update T-Mobile has released their Official Statement on it - see this thread for the statement.

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Often had calls from companies claiming to represent T-Mobile (my provider then, and now), however they often got my renewal time wrong - I suspect this is due to finishing a 18 month contract, and not renewing for several months whilst I decided what to do.

Right pain in the arse. I did, however, take some joy in responding to their opening statement of "I see that your contract is due for renewal next month" with "No it isn't.... who are you? How did you get my details?.... thunk".

Bit like BT trying to get me to change back to them - get a call every couple of weeks lately.

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