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Dialing Rules Driving me Crazy

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Hello everyone,

I need your help trying to figure out how to setup dialing rules in my WM6.x (Omnia i900)

I live in Brazil, and all of my contacts are in international format: "+(country code) (area code) (phone number)" Ie. +55 11 12345678

However I can't dial directly in this format in GSM networks here, as it won't be recognized by the network.

While in Brazil I need to dial using this format:

Local call:

(phone number)

Ie: 12345678

Long distance call:

0 (2-digit Long distance provider code) (Area code) (Phone Number)

Ie: 0 21 11 12345678

The 2-digit Long distance provider is for picking one phone company that will actually complete the call. 21 is for Embratel, 15 is for Telefonica, and so on.

International call:

00 (2-digit Long distance provider code) (Country Code) (Area code) (Phone Number)

Ie 00 21 55 11 12345678

Also, traveling abroad is also a pain, because different other countries have also different rules. While the standard International Format will work fine in US or some EU countries, in Argentina the format is 00 (country code) (area code) (phone number).

So, how can I setup dialing rules for all those different cases keeping my contacts in the same format?

The worst thing is that I was able to setup exactly this in WM Dialing rules in (Settings/Connections/Advanced) but weirdly enough they only seem to apply to dial up connections :)

Any clues?

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