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Help - Made Co-pilot mistake during 6.5 upgrade

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I had done the t-mobile upgrade on T-Mobile 6.5 upgrade and everything seemed to work ok until I tried to follow the Co-Pilot instructions on the page... unfortunately I deleted the copilot folder rather than the copilot/save and now when I open copilot and then says "Unable to open CoPilot, please make sure the storage card is inserted or that the data has been properly downloaded.

Is there anywhere I can get the missing data? When I got the phone there was no additional discs or storage cards specifically for Co-Pilot!

Thanks Jazz

Applications – Co-Pilot Navigation Re-activation

Please note that if you have subscribed to Co-Pilot Navigation, the key / license will need to be reactivated as follows:

1. On the device, go to programs | settings | remove programs, and remove CoPilot.

2. Browse to windows | and select cpl7.

3. Delete the copilot/ save folder and all its contents

4. Browse to windows folder on the device and select the copilot.arm cab file, it will prompt the CoPilot installation, please install CoPilot onto device.

5. Once installation is complete, please check to ensure that your device has got an internet connection, either through wifi or GPRS.

6. Start CoPilot, now enter your product key code and activate i

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