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Long time no speak - Android support for caldav and syncml

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I am considering buying a HTC Hero but will want to sync the mail calendar and contacts with my company collab services. Does HTC Hero or the Android OS support calDAV or other standards like syncML. (I'm not very technical but I understand that our non-microsoft company system supports these protocols).

What is the standard way that non exchange corporate systems support sync of calendar and contacts? I assume email would be done via IMAP?

Thanks for your help..

(p.s. - Its been a long time since I looked at Modaco as my last smart phone was an old SPV C500 - Its good to see you are all still very busy! I look forward to coming back when I get my next smart phone - which will be soon I hope! - Keep up the fantastic work guys - this site is one of my all time favorites)


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