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SDHC finally works on Tornado and StrTrk

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I did not believe it when I read it at XDA-developers - after my waiting and hoping at xda-dev for someone to port the drivers then tweaking non SDHC to 4 GB and an odyssee with devices that can read SDHC via BenQ E72, VOX (my current favorite) and LG-KS20 I can get back my good old Tornado with SDHC cards accessible! I tried the new drivers with the platinum WM6 from Nitrogenius. See this thread.

Drivers seem to track back to Russia or to China (first mention there was in a post from 20090804). The filefactory link is this (could neither attach the CAB dor a ZIP here).

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Push it up again - if you have not noticed yet or had given up on getting SDHC capacity in your good old Tornado.

Everything is in the XDA-Thread, look it up. Just one small cab and you are ready to go!

There still is no decent smartphone with Windows Mobile available that has a normal phone keyboard only and the candybar formfactor. The most recent one is the HP IPAQ Voice Messenger, but the sensor scroll pad and sensor bottons are nothing for me.

Why do all people want to smear on their screens?!

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