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My most used apps

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Here is a list of apps that I use on a daily basis. Some are commercial apps but most are free. ;)

1. Home++ - free home replacement app. Allows up to 7 screens, notification bar hiding, screen shot, and many other features. The developer is actively developing the program with updates almost every week. It is still considered beta but it works great. ;) Free

2. CalWidget - Calendar widget that has the ability to show both Gmail and corporate calendars either individually or at the same time. Has many different size widgets. Free

3. Beautiful Widgets - Flip clock and weather widget in one. looks like the SenseUI clock with weather. Has weather animations in the forecast screen. (unfortunately this app is no longer available due to a C&D from HTC)

4. Handcent SMS - SMS and MMS replacement program. Has many feature not in the stock messaging program. Will split long messages over 160 characters in to 2 messages or in to a MMS if it is longer. Has many great features. Free

5. Battery Status - Widget that will show battery status in percentage with a graphic level representation also. Can show an icon with battery percentage in the notification bar also. Tapping on the widget provides a popup with shortcuts to many settings allowing you to turn on or off many features. Free

6. MixZing - music app that will suggest other songs in your library based on what you are listening to. Free

7. Abduction World Attack - Fun little game that will occupy some time. Commercial

8. Dolphin Browser - Browser that provides tabs and pinch features. Great replacement for the default browser.

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BW's words come highly recommended.

I downloaded Home++ and Calwidget and will try those out.

Here's my list:

1. Gmote: Let's you control your computer over wifi. Cool little program (takes a little to set up).

2. Digital Clock Widget: Gives you a clock on the home screen. It's a small detail, but I like it better than the small one.

3. Shop Savvy: I went Christmas shopping yesterday and went to Best Buy and this helped me. It scans bar codes and tells you how much the product is at other places locally and on the web. It also provides reviews (sometimes).

4. Key Ring: Have too many dongles from your key chains? Scan them in and let your Droid do the rest!

5. Scoreboard: It's a google app that alerts you to goals, scores by your favorite sports teams.

6. Slacker: It's like Pandora, but I think it's better.

7. Google Voice: (Requires Invite): This replaces your regular voicemail. It will actually transcribe the message and send it to you. It's not perfect, but you can get the gist from what it sends.

8. Games: I've downloaded Coloroid, Trap, and Papi Jump

Everyone has their favorite apps. Share yours!

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  1. Meebo - for IM - works with all my IM accounts
  2. BBC Listings - so i can find out what's on the radio in the car.
  3. Locale - set profiles automatically on your phone according to your location
  4. SMS Backup - copies your text messages to your gmail account
  5. Various Toggle widgets - WiFi, bluetooth, etc
  6. RemoteDroid - for controlling my Media Centre PC
  7. WiFi analyzer - gives info on wireless networks.
  8. WaveSecure - remote lock/backup/wipe your phone
  9. Barcode Scanner - works great for sites with QR codes for android apps.
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here is mine:

setCPU allows you to set your overclocked phones cpu mine is set at a nice 800

drocap2 Screen capture app

beautiful widgets

Metamorph theme installer

Root Explorer


Dolphin Browser


Astro File Explorer

Droid Root Helper

Superuser Permission

Handcent SMS

just a few i use alot!!

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Spotify - love it and use it everyday

Beautiful Widegts - just like the clock and the real time weather etc

Twidget - although have now moved to something called Seesmic

Meebo - for MSN etc, simplest messaging client I have used

Shazam - never thought I would use it but it's really really handy actually

Soccer live scores - for checking all the footie scores

badword My Life widget - nice to read everyones stupid little problems while killing time on the tube

Photobucket mobile - handy for when i've taken a pic i like i can upload it to my account right away

Task Killer - we all know this one

Astro File manager - we all know this one to

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Only have had the Droid for a couple days but so far:

AK Notepad - Free (Simple)

AndExplorer- Free

Auto Mount - Free (Automatically mounts your SD card when plugged in via USB)

Beautiful Widgets - $2/3

Digital Clock - Free (Allows music for alarm ringtone, but boy do I miss G-Alarm from my Omnia)

Dolphin Browser - Free (Looking forward to Opera Mobile)

Droid Light - Free

Handcent - Free

Mother TED - Free (Allows me to view TED talks!)

MixZing Lite - Free (I like the Pure Music Widgets but Mixzing has a huge one)

Scrobble Droid- Free

Time-Lapse - I think free

Weather Widgets - Free

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