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SPV C500 Network Unlock, spv-developers.com no longer seems to exist?

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All the free unlocking software seems to require access to spv-developers.com, which no longer exists - it's no a "godaddy" domain holding page saying the domain has expired. Is there any other way to unlock a C500 for free? I've just paid for an unlock code for my Pulse, so don't feel like another $30 for one for the Orange, when I know it used to be possible for free.

I still have the spv-developers.com software, including the cert.cab and exe, but it just shows the "godaddy" page when launched now :)

(My phone is application unlocked)

PS: Maybe a mod can delete my old topic in the wrong section: http://www.modaco.com/content/other/298354...network-unlock/

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anyone able to help on this?

seems like spv-developers are not renewing the domain :'(

is the only solution to phone orange now?

starting to wish i'd unlocked my c500 before.

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Not free but only £10


It is a shame about SPV developers but I guss as they did not keep up with new devices traffic reduced so it was not worth keeping the site going.

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Also, looking for help to unlock my C500.... for free.

Does anyone know how it worked before? Was it just brute-forcing something? What did the server part actually do?

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Ok, I've managed to unlock my SPV C500 locked to Orange, using "lokiwiz" (HTC Wizard Unlocker).

Useful links:




1. Start with a working sim card in your phone (ie from the network which your phone is locked to)*.

2. Application unlock your phone using regeditSTG.

3. Connect your phone via ActiveSync and copy cert.cab from the SPVServices.zip

4. Use File Manager on your phone to install cert.cab

5. Unzip lokiwiz (I used lokiwiz02b), and run Lockiwiz.bat

6. Follow on screen instructions, press U to Unlock

7. When phone reboots it should be unlocked.

*I initially used an expired Orange sim (which allowed access to menus) but pdocread.exe (executed by lockwiz.bat) reported "ERROR loading itsutils.dll". Replaced with an active Orange sim and it all worked.

Some of those links mention waiting for and entering codes but this wasn't necessary.

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Awesome! Thanks!

I started at step 4, got some errors at step 5 about it refusing to run a binary without a trusted certificate, but it still gave me a code at the end. Put my old PAYG T-Mobile SIM in and the code worked for both the SIM Unlock and Provider Unlock screens.

Kept then getting "Denied" messages trying to connect to the network, but that was an easy fix - changed "Network Provider" from "Orange" to "Automatic". It then found T-Mobile and connected no problems.

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