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Blast from the past.. Does anyone remember..

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Ok - been ages since I posted here but I really hope you guys can help..

Its been bugging me for ages about a few things mobile-wise from the mid 90's..

There was a 'trick' that enabled people with an 0973 number to send free sms via a foreign SMS centre.. ALSO.. there was a free service that was set up by some researchers which was text based.. you would text a command to their service and it would return a result. I think it would take email and text it back to you- or give weather etc.. does anyone remember what that service was called??

Happy new year,


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Locust :)


P (formerly paulsphone on Locust)

OMG YES YES.. I cant remember why I used it though - I remember being angry that my mate had an 0973 number and could send free sms via the foreign SMS centres.. I had an 0976 number and didnt get all the benefits.

I got really paranoid they were logging all the sms and then using them for building profiles on mobile users..

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Showing my age here a little 09 numbers on mobiles?

I think I can just about remember when they transferred 05 numbers to 075

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