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[HOWTO]- Performing a Nandroid Restore Manually using ADB

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[HOW TO] Perform a Nandroid Restore via the Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

(This guide assums that you have already installed and set up adb tools on you PC)

1. Start phone in recovery mode, by turning it on while holding "Home" and "Power" buttons.

2. Plug the phone into the PC with a USB cable

3. Start Windows Command Prompt on your PC, by pressing Start on your PC and typing CMD into the run or search bar depending on your operating system. Then selecting Command Prompt.

4. Within the command prompt window, change the directory to the one your adb tools are by typing the following:

cd c:\sdk\tools

The path you put in may be different to this example, as it depends where on your PC your adb tools are kept.

5. Then type:

adb shell

6. Now type:

mount /sdcard

7. Now you need to change directory again to the one holding your nandroid back-up data, so first type

cd /sdcard

8. Then type:

cd nandroid

9. Now you need to find the specific name for the folder that holds your Nandroid Backup images, so type:


and view the list that appears.

10. Now to enter the folder you want to back up to type

cd HT**********
obviously replacing the *s with your numbers and letters. FYI the number string is your Device Serial number.

11. Again type


and view the list that appears.

12. Now to enter the folder you want to back up to type

cd BCD***-********-****
obviously replacing the *s with your numbers and letters. FYI the format of these digits is BCDXYZ-YYYYMMDD-HHMM from when the back up was created.

13. Now type:

nandroid-mobile.sh restore

14. Just press enter to select default.

15. Double check that the Default backup that is found is the one you want then press enter again.

Your selected backup will now be restored. When your CMD window looks like the one below you can reboot your phone and it will be as you remember it.


A big thanks goes to Pulser, without whom I would still be stuck, and this guide wouldn't have been written.

Edited by TylerDurdenK

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