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Migration Help (please)

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My windows phone is about to die, so I have a pulse coming on wednesday.

At the moment I have 2 live hotmail style accounts, the first is my msn passport and and my windows phone is quite happy to use, the second is just added as a pop box. All my contacts are live contacts and I use windows live mail. All works well.

So migrating this setup over to my pulse...

Easiest plan seems to be change my email addresses to google mail accounts. Have the primary syncing emails, contacts and calender to the phone and the secondary imap or pop again. I have seen a windows app that can port my live contacts from live mail into my google account and I am willing to accept the pain of changing my email address everywhere.

But what can I use to replace windows live mail? the google desktop software just seems to have given me sidebar full of cheese, a gadgets button, a search box and nothing remotely like live mail. I am told once working the gadget tells me when there is email to read but it very basic and needs to resort to the web interface to send an attachment! This seems a step backwards from where I am currently.

What email setups do you guys use? is it possible to set up something like thunderbird to avoid using the crazy google desktop software to give a professional looking email client while still syncing the contacts and calendar.

I am told that inorder to use windows live on google I need a premium google account so that I may exchange with it? Do you all suffer the oddness of googles lack of proper windows email client or am I just struggling with the change :)

Any constructive thoughts on this would be great. At the moment i'm nearly regretting ordering the pulse and I haven't seen one yet lol

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Decided to buy a domain name via the google apps standard papge. jumping right in.

Also found that I can imap the email of my google mail to live mail, so thats better :)

calendar and contacts via the web thingy or on the phone. happy with that.

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Yeh i have a standard apps account, I'm not sure if the pulse is a "google experience" phone or not, if it is it should have the native gmail app, otherwise it will have the standard mail app which you an use to sync with imap.

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