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Milestone 2.0 rooting - what is the risk/benefit ratio?

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Hi people. Okay, so unless you've been living in Antarctica, you'll realise that the Milestone has been rooted. However, I would like some clarification, because, as usual, the geeks are so excited (and often inarticulate or foreign!) that they forget to post comprehensive instructions and warnings, along with important info.

1/ Does this include root for the UK Milestone?

2/ Do I need 2.0 or 2.0.1 to use this?

3/ Will I be able to update to 2.0.1 if I have rooted using this, and will 2.0.1 disable/break this rooting?

4/ Has this been exhaustively tested?

5/ Is there any risk of damaging, by simply running this root patch?

6/ Please explain key benefits (apart from the obvious) to doing this, for the non-informed.

7/ Comprehensive, non pidgeon-English instructions ARE NEEDED.

I'll try and post some CLEAR, British English instructions soon (Not German, interpreted by a Chinaman, and transcribed into Russian and back to English :) ).


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I don't have all the answers for you but I can answer some of them:

1) Don't know have not tried it myself, but i guess so!

2) At this time you need 2.0 because in this build there is a security flaw that is used to put the root on the device

3) You can update to 2.0.1 at any time. If you however use the update provided by Motorola directly you will most likely lose root access. So what people are waiting for is an update that has been adjusted to also include root on 2.0.1. So with an unofficial upgrade to 2.0.1 (just a slightly modified official 2.0.1 update) You will still have root

4) How could it be? It's just released, however it's a really small adjustment

5) Always, even if it's super small

6) Wifi tethering, making a screenshot, install all kinds of things that require root access, really you can find this with google.

7) Google can probably help you with pidgeon things, if you are interested in rooting you should read up on some things anyway. All i know is pidgeons poop alot :)

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