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where are the nice apps like iphone ?

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Hey rwolf! what's that app you got in the second and 3rd pic?

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I have come from the early days of "Pocket PC's" and PDA's as well as Smartphones.

I have jumped ship, because I just find that WM sucks!! As a productivity tool it has not been that good.

To make a simple PHONE CALL (ie: push a button to dial a number on the pad was painful) was troublesome. Ok contacts could be used. But when dealing with an "automated service, press 1 for xxx and 2 for xxx", the WM was just plain annoying!!

I also used the WM for sync to email / RDP / Web / Work related tools and office docs. But again, I just started to find the whole thing sluggish. SatNav, Wi-Fi kept me on the Platform, but I have gone down the iPhone Route.

I can share my experiences with you for those interested. If not... disregard the post :)

1) Setup was a breeze. Activate the phone, Setup to sync with Outlook (via Desktop) and it worked flawlessly. Started to download free apps. Stopped at 10.

2) Obtained RDP Application, SatNav App. Connected via Wi-Fi to Network, then configured all my Email accounts, and then Exchange - WOW! Is it fast !!!

3) Bought Co-Pilot, Dragons Lair, Space Ace and Paperboy games for a few quid. Co-Pilot was £24, which I felt was money well spent. TomTom was alot more.

4) Made a call! For the first time, being able to dial a number worked!!!! It was seamless. using contacts was great! Conference call and loud speaker all good. Signal was acceptable, but at least I did not sound like a Dalek, which several customers complained about. And not just on this specific WM device either.

5) Web Browsing is great. Downloaded Documents to go! Now sync all my office docs to my phone!! IT works B)

6) JailBreak iPhone. Took a few mins. So now, if I really, really want to, it can be changed and altered ANY WAY I like!! Tons of themes, sounds and images can be used. Your limit appears to be your imagination. However, for me the UI is fine, and its setup how I want it.

7) Second day was using RDP to sort out a customers Server issue. Normally, I would use a laptop. The RDP App was so nice. Ok yes small screen, but on 3G I was very very impressed. Fixed the problem and did not leave my living Room.

8) Went away on Business a few days back. Needed to find a hotel. Downloaded the Travel Lodge and Hilton Apps. Booked a room and got sorted. All via the Phone.

9) The MAPS application is very good. I am impressed. In london, it has been a god send.

10) Downloaded some Music (Not a major fan) and some episodes of TV Programmes to watch. All good. quality is superb I must add.

11) Battery life seems on par with HD2 - But if I want to, I can insert the iPhone into a sleeve which has a battery for a good 5 hours plus. But a USB port is never far away and a quick charge approx 20-30 mins sees the battery increate by 10 - 15%.

12) Video Recording is good. Camera is acceptable to me. There is a free decent app that simulates flash as well. Uploading video to YouTube is also very good and so easy :D

In summary, for me it has replaced the laptop at the moment. I was really really looking at the Android phone, but the iPhone just tipped it for me. And being on Vodafone was enough.

Plus it was a free upgrade for me. And that was a 32GB version B) ;) So I am really not complaining!!

WM7 may be the saviour and maybe I will come back. But at the moment, I am happy with this phone.

The App Store is very, very impressive. I have over 80 applications now, mostly all free stuff and in almost all cases, very useful productivity and network tools for myself and my Business.

Best exposure for this is to see it running for yourself, or work with Developers who really do get alot out of this phone.

For those claiming the iphone cannot multitask - It can when unlocked. Also certain "apple" approved apps Multitask by default. But it really does not bother me, cause I would only close stuff down on my WM device to free up memory when it was getting EVEN slower!!!

But as its unlocked, Facebook, Messaging, Twitter, AOL, RDP all works. As well as Web / iPod.

Anyhow, how this helped. I am impressed.

Apologies for long post, but if the phone was not that good..... why would all of the Tech / Phone / PDA Mags rated it so highly, as well as Tech Experts and end users. If it makes them happy, surely that is what matters most?


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Nice icons don't make for a good phone.

I agree - Dont choose a phone cause "it looks cool" - Choose it as a phone that is going to be productive for YOU and YOU alone!

It is a bit like getting a car that has the body of a Ferrari but an engine of a 1.0 Mini !!! :)

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Hey rwolf! what's that app you got in the second and 3rd pic?

LOOKS to me like rwolf is simulating an iPhone display for the Phone pad.

Sadly.... lacking the "Add Call" Feature :)

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Just to add to my post, some of the latest games / apps I downloaded and find absolutely amazing that they play so well on a Mobile Phone.

I have included some YouTube vids for anyone wishing to see them. Again, this is not a complete list.

Dragons Lair and Space Ace (Laserdisc Arcade Games - google it for more info)



Banking application to manage business and personal accounts


Real Racing GTI - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq37XCeZ0gE...feature=channel

Remote Desktop App

Traffic Rush

Ferrari GT Racing -

Brothers In Arms

Docs to Go

Translator - Translate english to any language and speaks it out

Call Of Duty - World At War - GREAT! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=757zwvky5N8

Fake Call - Make a call in a meeting to get me out of one.


MSN IM+ Messenger

Network Diagnostic Tools


RAC Traffic Report

Hilton Hotel Checker

As well as this, I have apps for my little boy to use. This consists of colour apps, sound, music, maths and word teaching.

Majority of these apps are freebies. But as I said, not the exhaustive list :)

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Hey rwolf! what's that app you got in the second and 3rd pic?

Its just a freeware picture browser called PCMImage Viewer,you can get it from pocketcm homepage.

Link: PocketCM Image Viewer

Rowlf can you tel me what for file explorer you have ? and what for photo album and phoneex

The file explorer is just "ThrottleExplorer".A nice one,a bit buggy but still usable and way better than the built-in file explorer from Microsoft,atleast Throttle Explorer can overwrite the rom files! The picture album one is same,PocketCM Image viewer,the link is give above!

For throttle explorer,go here: Throttle Explorer

The phoneex is the default one,its 2.2 cracked by Bryan,found it in one of the forums around,if you can use google you can find a copy too! Can't post the link,else the Mods might ban me!

I am not simulating anything,its just the default stuff from PhoneEx.

For Sonicr360 I gotta say that if I jailbreak and rejail and then again jailbreak me Omnia,my warranty won't be affected but in case of iPhone warranty is void! I dunno why most mags and articles rate iphone so much,but most of the forums I've visited doesn't even rate anything for iphone,the most common complain is "The iPhone is not perfect, and when used for day to day business use starts to show it's shortcomings",some stated" Its our common nature to fall in love with what many claim to be the best and its natural to be blinded by sudden flash of extra shiny bits and beauty,in case of iPhone the high rates are results of these traits of human...." its not my saying its saying from several tech forums and dev forums,the text might be modified or different in different forums but all the same it means!Just fireup your google and look around. iPhone doesn't improve its core hardware except adding some extra junkies but our winmo does,and I don't think its worth paying all those extra bucks for extra beauty! Almost all the applications you have stated for example "Documents to go" is also available in winmo! Just look around,iPhone is being improved in the same hardware base for last 3 years so the over all stuff can be great or awesome,but winmo is constantly improving on different hardwares,for your information there are several chinese cheap phones that use winmo but doesn't have a lot of features including camera and multimedia,so its too tough to stabilize winmo and overall improve it but then again it has done excellent in its field compared to iPhone. Man c'mon,customize your mazda rx-8 for 3 years and customize all those fresh new models from ferrari,ford,aston martin,bmw coming out everyday,no way its an easy task!

The last thing is that winmo is a complete OS on its own field unlike iPhone. WinMo isn't stable due to so many winmo version relese,winmo 2003 to winmo 6.5!! but in case of iPhone its just improving the existing os,changing the firmwire version only,like adding a bug fix to winxp and giving it a new version number!! Anyways our winmo has its good sides that iPhone can't beat but iPhone has some that winmo will never achieve! But then again so far my winmo has lived upto the expectation. I still have an upper hand that our winmo devices are release in both jailed and jailbroken status but iPhone is always Jailed waiting its customers to be tempted to void its warranty as soon as possible. I won't bother buying something that require extra treatment before I get to customize it! Oh good news for ifolks,the latest massive hardware improved iPhone is now called iPad,badluck people! You have been cheated over by Apple,they improved the hardware for next iphone but was too greedy so transformed it to iPad!

All those people who are always bragging about how sweet the iphone gui is and will sacrifice everything for that beauty,I suggest you get one of these,just got this advertisement today on our local newspaper :-) Darn cheap huh?


Also it got some nice features like duel sim!

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Okay guys just replied to another forum on similar topic,man everywhere people are fighting over winmo and iphone! I think the war is evenly matched and will never end. Lets end it here,I think it all depend on your financial status and your own personal perferences right? If I have enough money and want an iPhone then I should get an iPhone,but if I think no why don't I get an winmo pda,then I should get a WinMo. The choice is ours to make,we decide what we buy and use,fighting is not going to make iphone and winmo anymore equal or better than they currently are. If winmo has advantages on its right hand and lack on its left then iPhone seems to have its best advantages on Left and somewhat on right. What we commonly confuse is that they are for same stuff,but no they were build for different purposes,WinMo for professional people who want to carry around their office and documents everywhere but iPhone was for those who doesn't bear enough knowledge to operate a PDA but doesn't deserve to be left out of the scene. WinMo for advanced/power users and iPhone for all,iPhone is mainly a multimedia and gaming PDA where as WinMo is for some serious office work at cheaper cost.

Its like we are fighting over if Mac is better or our general PCs with Windows,Linux or BeOS... is better. They are better in their own purposes. So we can draw a conclusion that both of them are better.

Depending on your requirements one might seem better than the other but then again overall they seem to be almost equal and is serving with excellence in their own purposes.

Good luck to both WinMo and iPhone,work hard both of you and kick those over priced Symbians out of market!

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There will ALWAYS be differences!!! So I wasnt going to even reply to your long post in the first place, as I found it very, very laughable and seemed to miss some of my points. But never mind ;)

It comes down to several form factors when deciding on a new phone (whether this is a Standard mobile or a Smartphone / PDA / iPhone / Nexus, ect):

1) What it does for you

2) Usability - I do not consider UI customising at all in this.

3) Business tool for your use

4) Gaming (If that is of interest)

5) Functionaility / Productivity.

In some cases, Nokia still does well. For me, WM is just too "flat". And MS need to do something about this. Not developrs or ROM hackers.... Microsoft!!

HTC have their Touchflo, and "skinds" - But underneath... its the old core programming of WM.

For me, I am happy with the iPhone (I never thought I woulds say that!!! But I am!), it does exactly what it says on the tin, plus a hell of alot more. I have always have WM and Pocket PC / PDA devices, so a huge amount of exposure to all models. It now, more or less replaced my Laptop, and it is a great Business Tool for my needs.

But at the core end, its still the same OS.

What Google and Apple have done is simply entered the market and in over 2 years, have managed to turn things around.

As you say my friend, the choice is entirely ours. But please do remember, my posts were simply showing how useful and functional I have found the iPhone.

In no way Rowlf would I try to convert people. My only advice is to look and play around and do alot of research. I did , otherwise I would still be on the WM platform.

I love Symbians you know :D


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For me, I am happy with the iPhone (I never thought I woulds say that!!! But I am!), it does exactly what it says on the tin, plus a hell of alot more. I have always have WM and Pocket PC / PDA devices, so a huge amount of exposure to all models. It now, more or less replaced my Laptop, and it is a great Business Tool for my needs.

But at the core end, its still the same OS.

You are right there mate,I am also happy with my WinMo and I'd like to say exactly this

it does exactly what it says on the tin, plus a hell of alot more
about my winmo!

But please do remember, my posts were simply showing how useful and functional I have found the iPhone.

If I start to list how useful and efficient my WinMo is then you'd be bored out reading the longest post ever,but either way am also not trying to convert people or anything,after all converting someone to WinMo won't earn me money or anything,will it? :-)

I'd like to specially quote specially these ones

But at the core end, its still the same OS

But underneath... its the old core programming of WM.

I think you are one of those linux lovers(sorry but I really do hate them! No offense) whom I hate with my deadly hostility,they always say MS is so poor junk but till now I've never found one of the distros that was stable in my PC and did atleast half of what my Windows can do! But to be honest I found OpenSUSE and Haiku pretty stable but in the end the usability is not impressive. iPhone is like the linux and WinMo is well Windows. I can customize the linux in and out but in the end its complicated inside and simple outside,the visual beauty is so awesome just like Macs . Windows has been a popular OS for so long and still will be,it can't get beautiful but still it does what its meant to do. If I want to have that F1 which is so cool and awesome I can only take it to the F1 races not the street races,but after owning some customized car people will still say awe that one isn't so beautiful,did you see xxxx's car his one is sweet,but I can't drag my street car in F1. Each device is produced with its own purposes,if its serving its objectives well than we can say its okay,turning a blind eye to how it looks outside. "Don't judge a book by its cover" just because iPhone is so sweet and userfriendly outside doesn't mean its best,neither is winmo ,unless they do what they are meant to do.

Sorry for my long posts,I just like typing :-) Am deadly poor in english which you people have noticed,it takes a lot of words for me to explain what I really want to say,probably its the result of IELTS training which taught me to extend my statements beyond limits to score better bands! :-( So sorry about that

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Plus one score goes to WinMo,now I can run Android OS in my WinMo device with a little bit of work ;) ,though its not complete buts its enough to show how powerful and awesome our WinMo are :( . Hopefully within this year we might get to run iPhone OS in WinMo too! :D

Now can your iPhone do that,huh? :D

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Plus one score goes to WinMo,now I can run Android OS in my WinMo device with a little bit of work ;) ,though its not complete buts its enough to show how powerful and awesome our WinMo are :( . Hopefully within this year we might get to run iPhone OS in WinMo too! :D

Now can your iPhone do that,huh? :D

Dual booting has nothing to do with WinMo, just sayin', the program that lets your choose which OS to boot off of is programed for WinMo but you can boot Android without WinMo. On a more personal note I can't freakin wait till the Andromnia project gets Android on our phones! I already paid to get SPB mobile shell which is just like Android interface, all my stuff like Gmail, google calender, google docs, etc is already connected to my phone through 3rd party apps, and I really want an app store where I can find games and apps for a competitive price or free, and not have to worry about finding the right resolution. WinMo just isn't for me, and I'm too broke to buy a new phone. The only thing i would actually miss is Swype, and i think i saw somewhere that it was ported over, but I may have been dreaming.

Edited by Abqcub

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Hi Rowlf

Wont do quotes and reply, otherwise it will be too long:

In summary to your resposes.... (some of them)....

Glad you are happy with WinMo. As I said, I came and have used these devices for over 10+ years. I just feel its too dated now.

So I am pleased the iPhone does exactly what it says on the tin and ALOT more. And I have to say, more than WM does. Like you, I only listed and explained what I used the iPhone for in the first day or so .... its got ALOT bigger since. And pleased to say, it has replaced my Laptop now. Did not think it would, but boy it works well for me.

WM had lost its way. This is why I found it to be inefficient in what I wanted it for (ie: A business tool to replace the laptop). At first it was fine, but as Google and Apple entered the market, they have shown better methods of working better in terms of using a portable device the size of a phone.

And remember, Steve Ballmer was the guy "laughing" at the iPhone!! We all know how wrong he was and still is.

With the introduction of the soon to be announced 4G, things may get promising. But technology evolves, so its obvious this would happen :-) And Apple do like to be creative.

I am not a Linux lover, but happy to explore and use any type of OS. I work with developers for the WM / Android and iPhone platform, and its funny how ironic it is that Google and Apple have been on the scene less time than MS, but have shown the world just how easy it is to use a phone.

Why have a stylus!?? They are annoying (I can see this now!!) and clumsy / break. The iPhone is simply good to use.

But do not take my word for it. HEY - I was an iPhone hater.... I even said "I would never buy one!"

Look at me now ;)

Your English is very good by the way - I am impressed my friend

Warm Regards


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Plus one score goes to WinMo,now I can run Android OS in my WinMo device with a little bit of work ;) ,though its not complete buts its enough to show how powerful and awesome our WinMo are B) . Hopefully within this year we might get to run iPhone OS in WinMo too! :D

Now can your iPhone do that,huh? :D

Ummm..... To be honest I do not see that as a "plus". Again, this sounds like an "My phone is better than your phone" scenario.

Does it really matter?? To me, the answer is no :D

The reason being is that I just am not interested in having the ability to "boot" dual OS. I do that on my PC (Win98, XP, Win7) and having this ability is nothing new. Its just being performed on a Mobile Platform.

I could turn round and say "The iPhone can emulate a Playstation". But I am not bothered if it does or does not :D

But does the iPhone proved itself for my Business needs and adds so much functionaility for no cost? Yes :(

And as a gaming machine, its not bad at this too!

Everyone is going to compare "iphone vs WM" or "Google vs iPhone" or "RIM" vs "MS" or "Blackberry against iPhone against WM devices".

You will never please everyone. And this is why the market is so good. Apple have simply demonstrated as a newbie that has entered the market that its ideas are good ....... Even MS have "tried" to use their own version of Pinch / Zoome in WM7.


Remember how Sony turned the Games Console market around in the early 1990's and Sega and Nintendo claimed they had "No chance"?

Well the Playstation was born and .... well the rest was History.


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I agree with you there simon,I do acknowledge that iPhone is like 100x better but depending on various features I think WinMo is still way better. After replying a few times to this post I've done a fair amount of research and also went to several apple iphone forums to look around whats going on ,but I can hardly say I'm impressed. iPhone is not a good one to be proud of. If you really haven't been biased towards iPhone then you should have noticed why am saying this. I have put together some fair information that might prove useful and show that our winmo can be almost as good as iPhones and not try to prove iPhone any worse than winmo devices.

Please correct me if there are false or wrong information in this reply as I don't own an iPhone,and never touch my grandpa's iPhone as am too afraid of catching the iDisease

Here are the information and my personal opinion,I hope people will agree with me :D My purpose here is to show why winmo devices are mostly blamed but are still not as bad as many claim these to be and and why you shouldn't bang your head on the wall or whatever just because you can't figure out how to operate your winmo device think you've totally wasted your money

- Touch Screen

iPhone has the best touch screen ever but most of the times we wrongly blame winmo for those annoying touch screens,people its not microsoft who produce those touch screens or put 'em on your devices,its the manufacturers.Except some phones I'll state at the end of the post,all of the touch screen phone owners no matter which brand or OS their devices are built on,are complaining about their touch screen quality so its not only with winmo! But in the end of the day I find my touch screen giving absolutely great performance,just tap and it works(which I think is the case with iPhones),unlike months ago when I had to kinda hammer the screen to make anything happen.Flashing is not the answer,the answer to good performance lies in "Screen Alignment" that you find in settings.I'll post details on how I am save from hammering my screen and started getting good performances if requested. ;)

- Simplicity(what else should I call it?)

iPhone has it all done for you,you just click here and there and you are on your merry way. iPhone is much easier and user friendly compared to winmo devices but I still can't figure out which part is so complex in WinMo. I find winmo very user friendly or atleast to me it IS,if you can't operate a winmo don't blame it,sell it immediately and get yourself an iPhone asap no matter if that iPhone is 2G 3G or 3Gs. Its not winmo's fault that you can't operate it,its your fault that you got it even though you can't operate it.I mean if I'm new to computer I wouldn't go installing Linux or BSD and try using them in text-mode,I simply should start with windows! But then again if you can't still operate iPhone then its time you get a nokia,but still you can't operate that one too,its time to get re-admitted to school from the beginning. Both winmo and iPhone are userfriendly in their own ways,but a multifunctional device has to be a bit of complex,isn't it.I mean a F1 is pretty much simple,you just jump in fireup the ignition pull the gear and off you go(as long as you can drive it!),but in case of our road cars,we unlock it first,then open the door,get into the driver seat,putin the key,fireup ignition,make sure all the doors are closed set the gear and off we go(same here,gotta know to drive it right).Take note how long the process is before we start moving in case of road car but how short it was for the F1,but that doesn't mean we people who doesn't have so much time or knowledge should get F1 each and start driving them through the streets(Wow!! Just imagine!! Formula 1s cruising through the streets !! Err...where would my girl-friend if any, seat When am driving? ).If you can't operate don't blame you gotta get used to it or you can ditch it right away and get a new shiny iPhone. This idea has received several negative comments but few praised,lets see what you people say.

- Storage

Steve was jealous that the customers might endup installing more applications/games in their iphones than he did,so he decided to remove the ability to put in memory cards,atleast I think this is the case. In case of winmo and other devices running on different OS,there is always the memory slot to increase the total storage facility.Now all the winmo device owners can feel a little bit of pride I suppose.

- Connectivity

iBluetooth- not totally usable as stated by many iphone owners and numerous posts around the internet. Most of them are frustrated that iPhone doesn't let you exchange your stuff with others over bluetooth,and these "stuff" include pictures,music or video! I think jailbreaking is the solution?

wBluetooth- totally does what its supposed to do.

iPC- you need to use iTunes to get anything from and to the iPhone and this can be a real problem if your PC isn't running windows or Mac OSX.

wPC - best ever,just plugin the data cable,set to mass storage mode,connect copy/steal :D walk/runaway.And MS Active Sync is far more lighter and simple compared to iTunes

iICS- nah it doesn't exist or will,no hope no possibility

wICS- yeah,this one is what I really need.I frequently travel to remote and odd places where Wi-Fi or broadband isn't an option but since my Laptop stays with me as I have to send back and forth important stuff, take a look and edit my documents on the go and do some picture editing after taken from my omnia, I really need the internet and ICS is my answer.

iWi-Fi - present and usable

wWi-Fi- present but a bit rough around the edges!

- Customization

iPhone can change its theme,but that only happens after jailbreaking,I mean if having nice screen sensitivity makes iPhone superior then the ability to customize without doing any of those breaking stealing stuff makes winmo better,and hence they cancel out each other. Nah,just joking there.I know that iPhone can be customized but not as much as the winmos can be.I can install whatever shell I want or even copy the iPhone gui to some extent but iPhone can never do copy my winmo looks,many will say they dont really want to,I say you really can't thats why you don't really want to :D . Customization is totally independent feature and will not affect on the usability of anything or will contribute towards deciding which device or OS is better so I leave it out but many blindly claim this to be important,I say this is just waste of time as you can make your iPhone look like winmo or winmo like iPhone but you can't make them gain other's properties so whats the point?

- Application/Games:

iPhone folks claim to have access to 100x more applications than winmo,but I assure that winmo has almost as many apps/games. The problem is that iDevelopers are kind enough to go through the iAppStore but wDevelopers want to distribute their stuff by themselves as if their goodies might get stolen from the wAppstore.The wDevs are kind of independent and works on their own,they distribute their goodies through their websites or forums they like which make things far too tough to decide the number of apps/games winmo has.From my experience I've come across many excellent app/games that many people doesn't even know about at that times,its hard to find these in the internet(information junkyard) and the level of irregular scattering is so dangerous that in near future they'll get lost in the flood. Even though iPhone has so many applications/games it still doesn't support Java stuff. A major problem? I don't think so but this makes winmo beat the number of apps/games iPhone has buy say 1000x times? The number of apps/games existing for certain OS doesn't really make difference as its not important at all,the most important is how many of those are useful.I conclude that both iPhone and wPhone as equal number of useful apps.

- Visual Quality:

iVisual stuff are far more superior compared to wVisual stuff,that is because iDevs gotta follow some certain rules and standards else their goodies get thrown right into the bins. iDevs has upper hand in this sector as the screen resolution is good added with same(with a minor change here and there maybe?) old hardware configuration so making things are much easier,its like the iDevs are working on a good sized canvases and producing excellent arts. In case of winmo,the wDevs are being the goats in the mobile industry,they doesn't really have to follow any certain rules or restrictions. They just simply putin some code with quick graphics and done! But wait,there are some massive disadvantages,the wDevs has to work their asses off to make their arts fit on six different types of canvases(resolutions) which indeed is a tough job,along with different color quality and different hardware configurations.I think we can't really compare anything with WQVGA or QVGA resolutions as they are the worst ones existing peeing all over the industry. I think its time those resolutions are banned,and manufacturers settle on one good resolution hence bring the pretty graphics into winmo.But then again there are excellent stuff here and there produced by some talented wDevs proving that its really possible to make things better in those tiny resolutions but its too time consuming and not efficient. What I mean is that if those nice graphics are possible in our qvga and wqvga then the possibility exists and with some work things can get cloned to iPhone but that shouldn't happen as iPhone should be iPhone and winmo should be what it is.

- Extra features(couldn't find any better words)

iAccelerometer - its there and working

wAccelerometer - its there and serving

iRadio - currently sleeping,isn't usable,will wakeup when jailbroken I suppose!

wRadio - ya almost all the winmo devices got built-in FM Radio which actually works and its kinda important to some folks too

iMusicplayer- called iPod! Nice one and got shiny graphics

wMusicplayer- many exists and can imitate the looks of iPod

iCamera- exists and very nice though a bit less in MPixels but still produce best results,unfortunately missing FLASH!!

wCamera - god help us! They always have some extra large MPixels but video quality su*ks big time,though pictures are okay and almost great! The presence of Flash is really useful but not really important as I won't bother taking picture when I can't even see.Its really handy when you dont want to carry the huge torchlight!

- Price:

My Omnia is damn cheap compared to all the nice features I get from it,my omnia was only 445USD with warranty but an iPhone 3G Unlocked(probably) has a price tag of 750USD in our country,since there is no AT&T and our local cellphone network operators sell nokia carrier locked phones so iPhone is so expensive here and you don't get any warranty,as soon as you've paid the price and touch the package you are on your own,no warranty,if you get it locked somehow then you'll have to pay like 131USD and submit and probably get it unlocked and that is too is a lengthy process,you submit it like sunday and take it back on next week wednesday! I found that jailbreaking iPhone takes maximum 20 minutes but don't know why these people take so many days! Due to excessive price many are not willing to buy these toys in our country and this "many" exclude all those rich folks who are bribed like 100x every hour but then again they also use some nokia latest N series and keeps the iPhone in the pocket to take it out when their friends didn't have any iStuff,kinda more of a showoff than of a phone.

Overall I find iPhone still better but the lack of usable bluetooth,ICS,annoyance of iTunes,fear of relocking and losing some extra 131USD to unlock,no repair possibility,no warranty,very delicate formation has turned away most of the customers. I can't even imagine a phone without working bluetooth and have to use some extra super heavy application to access my storage.

I have tried doing some comparison and giving some information which all are based on my research from the internet and real iPhone owners,though I was much biased towards winmo but still did try being fair.Please correct me if there are any wrong or false information.

Now the sensitivity! Yes I'll let out some super weird information that many will find too hard to believe. In our country there are five chinese brands which are selling iPhone clones.By iPhone clones I literally mean it,the touch sensitivity is so awful even worst compared to our worst winmo ones,but the gui is almost exactly the same,average feature list of those include

3.2 MP Camera(Wow!!)

2 GB Builtin memory+ 512MB memory card free

Huge touch screen

Bunch load of 3D games

Free MSN Yahoo Google Facebook applications

Duel Sim

IR(how did they manage to put in infra-red in those?!!)

FM Radio

Data Cable free

A nice pair of stereo headphones

And the average price is 89.95USD

You want screen sensitivity?I will give you more than you can take,chinese again,runs winmo but their screen is way too annoying.Why? The sensitivity is soo powerful that you don't have to tap,you simply touch the spot you want to click and done! its clicked.I've used two of those from "try before you buy" shop and what can I say,110% accurate and 210% sensitive,you don't bring your finger to the screen unless you are absolutely sure you want to click anything.I can even click tiny radio buttons and scroll through the drop down list which can be a problem in omnia. What I really liked was that if I touch the screen when the phone is in sleep mode then it'll immediate wakeup!! Why doesn't our omnia do that :(

Anyways I had enough of sensitivity and I think I'll live with my less sensitive omnia.Scrolling felt nice and didn't have that clicking sound which omnia does when scrolling by itself. But after two days I returned those and thanked samsung that my omnia screen was less sensitive and I don't have to worry that by mistake I've touched the format internal memroy instead of touching the scroll bar.Its tough to imitate the iphone touch stuff but if I want real touch sensitivity then I wouldn't mind getting those as they are only 40USD!!!

My post has been big,tried to compare,give information,criticize winmo,blame apple,been biased towards winmo added some irrelevant stuff but then again I think anyone crying about winmo and iphone will find this useful.

A little advice from me.Don't blame your iPhone or winmo just because it doesn't do what you want it to do,its totally your fault. If I want a phone that does what I want, then I would list down every features that I want including the price I'm willing to pay.Then walk to the shop,read out the list and ask which phone meets all of my needs.I'll obviously find several choices but in the end I'll pickup the one that does everything I want it to do,nothing more or less,no matter which OS it runs on.If you did the same then pat yourself on the back or ask someone else to do that for you,you have done a great job.If you think you should get an iPhone or WinMo then stop thinking and start listing what you want from it,trust me you'll be happy you did.If you just want to make calls and listen to some music but want a cool piece then I suggest don't bother buying real Omnia,iPhone or HTC stuff,just get a iPhone or Omnia clone from chinese brands,they are damn cheap and at the same time make you feel that you have what you want to have saving your cash in the end. Plus double sim operating sounds pretty cool to me :D

Sorry for another boring useless irrelevant awful huge post :D

Thank you

To hell with Apple and Microsoft :D ,I just want an android now and then come back as its linux based and is hopefully instable and finally move to BlackBerry or PalmOS B)

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30,000 apps, and upwards of 25,000 of them are useless rubbish or inferior copies of other apps. (Same is true of any platform to a degree though).

If you lust after iPhone apps and need something you can't find on WinMo, then you might want to just buy an iPhone.

WinMo phones are largely considered "serious" devices whereas iPhones are a combination of status symbol and toy. Great MP3 players and some brilliant apps, but as an actual _phone_, they're sadly lacking in functionality compared to often far inferior devices. They are however good for non-techies due to this self-same limitation as there's not much for them to get confused with, power users are another story.

Research what you want before you get it and you won't be disappointed. If you want a mp3 player with some handy apps and a basic phone, then the iphone is a good (albeit expensive) option. If you want a work phone, get a WinMo or Blackberry. If you want a combination of them but a relatively immature platform, get an Android.


I sold my 3GS after one week. i was waiting Apple to move forward >_>

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30,000 apps, and upwards of 25,000 of them are useless rubbish or inferior copies of other apps. (Same is true of any platform to a degree though).

Wow!! Not really no,none of them are rubbish,they are here to make things work for iPhone. Those are actually what makes the iPhone "do what its supposed to do" and makes it so said User Friendly . Oh no am now pulled to the dark side! No!!!!!

Not really,what I mean is that I've done a fair research and now I know they how foolish people are fighting to make iPhone look so awesome and userfriendly! Tell me what else if anything do you have more than your Awesome beauty and User friendly interface(done by 30000+ apps produced by an army of idevelopers) ?

A good bucket load of crap to the faces of those who wrongly accuse winmo to be not user friendly and our omnia a beta product by samsung!!!

What makes me so hostile about apple after my research? Lets get to the story,after hearing all those tempting evil talks I was kinda tempted to get an phone with an "i"(probably abbreviation for idiot,just shortened out to look cool and hide its real meaning by making us confuse it with eye?),but then the iPhone users have done their fair part for me saving me from flushing my money down the drain,and the amount,ya its 810USD for an unlocked idiotPhone 3GS! Plus I get no warranty but an extra invitation card telling me where to go and pay some extra 131USD to unlock it.

After going into several forums and digging deep in I have found so many unexpected and disturbing information that make my omnia with its tiniest and ugliest gui make me feel a 30000x proud and satisfied. The first information I came across were just fast battery drainage but later on in the deep I found the jackpots. Want to know why they have like 30000+ apps because almost all of them are useful,you like need one independent app to make one stuff happen. Here's a quote from an arrogant icustomer

the only bluetooth that works is headsets and carkits. enable bluetooth on the iPhone and the bt device. settings -> General -> bluetooth put the device into pairing mode (different for each device)

C'mon our bluetooth doesn't only pair with car kits but they can as well share their whole stuff with each other including file transfer and internet sharing and playing music and so on.... No hold right there,who said iPhone can't exchange files with one another? Here take a look

There are some apps available that make use of the Bluetooth in the iPhone/ ipod touch such as “Bump” or “Bluetooth photoshare”. They both enable you to send data between 2 devices ( I have previously tried and I don’t think you can send between iPhone and normal mobiles), the 2 devices must both have the app you are using for this to work.
Wow,so now you can almost think that you can but wait why do we have SOME apps to do the same stuff? Ya thats how the app inventory has reached its limit beyond 30000! You have like 60 apps to make your stuff almost work! But hold on why do I have to have the same software in both phones? And worst why is those apps ARE SUPPOSED TO WORK!!! and only between iPhones? Then whats the use? Okay so now we kno why do iAppStore has so many apps. Lets move on,to another interesting stuff,read the quote

There are products out there that will take the output from a headphone/line-out jack and transmit that over bluetooth. As I type this I am using a Plantronics Pulsar 590A setup and I absolutely love it. It pairs with the iPhone for calls and with the bluetooth adapter for music/video and hands off between the two flawlessly when a call comes in or I place a call. Until apple adds the correct profile to the iPhone, this works pretty darn well.


The main reason I went with this particular item is it is the only one I found that provides decent battery life. 10-12 hours of talk/listen time on one charge! Easily lasts through the work day.

Nice,now I gotta get myself to buy a new product to make my music push through bluetooth where as we have apps that does it for us no matter what bluetooth headset we use or whatever...

Now,the user friendliness part! How come iPhone become userfriendly? The answer again points to the 30000+ apps! If an army of developers are working their arse off to do your configuration within the codes and set simple button in the interface so that you click do and then in the background the code configures,makes particular changes,and does what you want to do then how could you escape from user friendliness? Maybe winmo doesn't have all those funny apps to make things simple for us but we can actually make our own choices and configuration in our own ways and tell the winmo to do its work in many other ways than you can think,in the end if the developers are doing what you are supposed to do then its same as winmo except we do what we want in our cases and in iPhone cases developers do it for you and putup the shiny button to be clicked by i(diot)Users and finally making them freeware so that you can't figure out the in the end iPhone is just another WinMo!

What else? Oh ya just like in my last reply if you want screen sensitivity then I'll shove a 40bucks chinese phone right at you and you can't speak.

To all those saying Omnia is a beta product and is a total waste,think again,omnia was a test product but it has everything in it and work without putting in additional shiny apps,but iPhones the result of almost 3 whole years research and development and an army of super talented developers, still can't figureout how to make the bluetooth work or add a flash to their camera and worst even can't add a memory slot! Oh there is more,if you don't have iTunes you can't even take your stuff in your iToy! Why worry look for a app in appstore,but no there is not,what do we do? Okay lets buy that pendrive and copy my stuff,take it a friend's pc with say windows or Mac OS and then install itunes and then copy my data to my iPhone,simple right? Bunch of losers ;)

In summary,for a shiny interface with everything done by developers and a sensitive screen , in exchange for the sacrifice of usable bluetooth, the pain of always carrying your data cable here and there with a CD of iTunes with you and and a laptop with windows and an a pendrive just in case other PCs doesn't use windows or Mac OS and I need stuff from them,wasting some money in data call usage just to send the stuff to my istorage which I could have done for free in my winmo device, installing so many apps to do what I could have done with some simple clicks here and there, no mobile internet sharing with my PC when in need, need additional app to make my specifically purchased headset get the music playing ,a whole bag of money wasted to purchase the toy,no warranty,always the fear of getting locked again and wasting another handful of money to unlock it,. No I won't take it,my omnia is a lot more better than one can think. It can now boot the android os and in near future our winmo will boot iPhone OS too,then what will iPhone users will have to say?

My point is not like come force me to buy an iPhone,my purpose it just to warn those who are blindly feeling frustrated that their winmo devices are just craps boxed in shells. I don't even want to blame Apple for anything,they never owe me anything,neither do I owe 'em anything,its just they could make things 30000x better for the price they charge for their products,our winmo has limitations but that is only due to hardware configuration or missing hardware but iPhone is limited even though it has the potential and the hardwares IN THERE! C'mon Apple impress us,don't make craps now,you've made the best Macs ever,you can do the same for iPhone,don't just rely on your idiot customers to tempt other into buying your products and those funny advertisement,or those 30000+ apps/games made simple for users,its time that you jump into the scene once again and this time prove it with massive improvements to show that you are still one of the best and can compete with anyone. Till then hold your customers who are coming to compete with our winmo devices,its like they are coming to compete with our brand new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution models ready to drive with their F1s without any the wheels and the gears but with super charged engines! It isn't worth competing with us,we can drive off our lancers hundreds of miles away even if it falls behind in power of your engine or simplicity of drivin but you'll just stay in the starting line when were are back already,you can't move your F1s, you don't have the wheels and gears now,do you?

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Damn,so many spelling and grammatical mistakes :D ,I'll hammer my omnia now! I hate the block recognizer! But that doesn't mean I'll hate my omnia,next time I'll try to use my pc or the samsung keyboard,sorry for those mistakes ;)

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I sold my 3GS after one week. i was waiting Apple to move forward >_>

LOL one week! Your having a big laugh here! What a waste of a post ! What a waste of time for you as well ;)

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You appear to have gone completely full circle, and its pointless commenting on your posts.

End of the day, your happy you have a "WM" platform, and I am extremely happy and pleased that I have now made the JUMP from WM to iPhone.

There are some points in your post that are incorrect as its clear (even after you admitted) that you have not used an iPhone, however rather than trying to correct you, I will leave you with this link to view and chew over.


My point has been right from the start, that I have used EVERY WM device (even in the early days of Pocket PC in the late 90's) and the code has simply not changed enough.

2 new companies have entered the market, and in a short time frame, have proved that WM is very much flawed in its design, use of a Stylus, the "smartphone" appearance and even better, Google have come out with the Nexus One and the Hero, which itself has proved to put Microsoft into the shade.

They will need to come up with something better to stay ahead of the race my friend.

Over 100,000 apps in the app store apparantly - Of course most are not going to be useful, but since I have obtained and downloaded many apps which are great for me and running a Business, I am very happy to stick with this. Even better, why do I need iTunes, when I can get all apps from the phone itself?

Debates about "my phone does this" against "your phone cannot do that" is pointless, and well covered in other locations.

If the phone does what it says on the tin PLUS a hell of alot more, then its fine for me. I have now gone 1 week without a laptop. To me that is moving forward.

My WM device DEFINETELY tried this, but I just felt it was too flawed. It is the phones fault (Or the code of the phone).

Also.... iPhones do Multitask you know ;)

I can listen to music, browse the web, check email on the go - That is good enough. There is of course a "single" app that allows "3rd party apps" to Multitask. But I am happy with what I have and if I want, I can download and install this app within mins. In fact, while I am at the M25 services, I might do that now :D

If we all agreed on the same make / model of phone, then we would not have debates like this and a huge choice of Smartphones from:






It is pointless making this "apple" against "microsoft", when there are other phones that also compare greater to WM!

Pleased your happy with your WM platform. Cannot help feel sorry for you that you are limiting your exposure on this one brand, but hey ho - each to their own! :D

And yes, using the iPhone keyboard like now, and viewing this web page as intended is GREAT :(:):D:)

But I am not going to convince you (or anyone) to get a replacement phone from Apple or Google. Just try it for yourself if you can get hold of one for a week (as well as more in-depth research).


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Did I mention HOOOOOOOW Good the Keyboard is on the iPhone :( ?

Felt i had to comment on this thread.

It just seems like a thread full of one-upmanship.

Guess what, i'm an Omnia user i tried out a lot of other phones and the reason the Omnia won out over the others when i bought it over a year ago was:

Camera - was better than most other Smartphones on the market, including the iphone that well......didnt have one and when it did get one wasnt even worth talking about. If you have ever been in a car accident having a camera there to take the initial pictures to back up your case and show to the police/court/whatever is a great thing. My own mother didnt have a camera phone and couldnt take a picture at the scene of an accident where she had been run off the road, the guy initially admitted fault but when it came to the insurance he denied fault and there was no evidence to support. So now i always buy a phone with a camera cause when i got run into that guy was not getting away with it! Also good for nights out, when settings are twaked omnia's camera is pretty good even now.

Now i will admit to being disappointed with the Omnia when i bought it, inteface wasnt nice but screen responded nicely when not using a lot of apps, but the need for change and improvement and finding apps led me here to MoDaCo and to the xda dev's forums. Where i discovered what settings to tweak.

I have used an iphone for a few weeks and while jailbroken, it did a lot of things i wanted it to do, but not jailbroken it was a lot less functional. Also i can understand people like the capacative screen, i am sure i would get used to one, but i do not like it at present probably because i'm used to using the edge of a nail on a WinMo device now. I'm sure its great and i'll get use to it at some point.

On another note, my mobile contract is £15 a month in the uk, with 300 anytime mins, unlimited texts, and unlimited internet (although no matter what platform your on its never turly not governed by fair usage or monitored/throttled). I paid £150 for my Omnia at the time and sold the Free phone that came with the contract for £180 cause it wasnt what i wanted. Bear in mind this over a year ago. I have this great phone and i'm technically paying under £15 a month for all that and i am renegotiating my contract this year to make it cheaper and may even try and get a good deal on an Omnia II or similar phone or try out an Android phone......or keep my Omnia as it is cause there really have not been that many improvements in the mobile market hardwarewise in the last year that i feel i need to take advantage of. I like the screen on the Omnia II thats basically it as far as changes go.... i researched phone firmware and now have a firmware for Omnia that lasts a long time, i set standby settings on the phone and it now lasts for easily over a week or more with moderate usage before needing another charge. I try out the custom rom's and then make my own changes, and quite a few of them are now fast and responsive.

I'm sure if i had an iphone it would do what i want it to do in some basic fashion provided the app is there. Coming from a windows desktop background i find it very easy to customise registry settings and create my own ways of making things work on WinMo. I'm not saying it better out of the box, quite clearly its not but i have to go a hell of a long way to find anything more customisable that i can make work exactly how i want it to work.

Its a bit of a fight sure but to get anything you want as you want it in life is always a fight.

So to conclude, i'm happy you like your iphone, i occasionally use my mum's iphone and i think that says it all really. My mum uses her iphone's most basic functionality and i'm helping her figure out apps and things beside the basic functions of a phone to help her out. There are some tremendously useful and prodiuctive apps i have no doubt, but there are also a lot of rubbish apps (i know i've tried a lot of them!). Same goes for WinMo, but WinMo does need an overhaul. The reason i use WinMo is I am capable of customising it just how i want with my programming experience and my knowledge of windows OS.

I probably would like an android phone and i'd program my own apps for that, but i am also happen with WinMo for what i can do with it.

I'm not sure you'll understand, but i like messing around with my phone and making it better. Take it from me the iphone 3 GS etc is not perfect out of the box either although functionality wise for me it is ahead of WinMo out of the box but when i start to tweak things i can make all the difference to my phone and my experience ;)

With a custom rom one of someone elses or even my own and some tools (that dont have to go through a cert authority btw a la apple) i cna make WinMo an enjoyable experience that pretty much involves me never having to really enter the menu system unless i decide to move files around. I probably could do similar on android.....but you show me a phone i can get mega cheap on such a cheap contract at the moment with anywhere close to the customisation and functionality of the omnia.... guess what there isnt one cause i've been looking for something similar for my father lol!!!!

He said "Son, i want a good android phone but i dont want to pay more than £120" ..........so that leaves.....nothing. He would like a Hero although i'm waiting for the price to come down and for it to get an offical Android 2.1 (this has been announced btw). All he wants is a phone that can work wel lfor his business and also for personal pleasure that he can customise and not have to continuously pay for apps.... Guess what he is trying to move away from

an iphone.

I never bought an ipod cause i despised itunes, its slow, clunky and certainly not any good for anyone who truly wants an audio solution. I dont use Windows Media player either. So you know there is now brand loyalty here. I will simply go to the device i can customise the most at the right price point.

So each to their own, none of the smartphone esque devices including the iphone yet meet all people's needs, as a modaco member you should know this anyway and not be so close minded.

Oh and i have the swype kb and the samsung lite kb (in black) both are light and very functional. Swype is very fast and interesting :D

Edited by ^nighthawk^

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Hmm,we both seem to miss other's points. My point is that iPhone is just a PHONE not a PDA,its just a put together of shiny stuff and crap underneath ! I didn't say iPhone can't multitask,even my Omnia can,why wouldn't iPhone? Well multitasking has been quite a confusing stuff to me,as it doesn't really mean anything other than doing a lot of stuff all being processed at the same times and to make it even better they produced duel core processors. But nah won't bother with that,never figured our what it is really. But what you say running multiple applications at the same time,mostly at night when am free I just browse through the internet for free PC games with IRIS and have wmDownload Accelerator from ADISATA ,running in the background downloading some games from rapidshare premium link generator sites,did I say I hate rapidshare? Thanx to the premium link generator sites.Okay so my Omnia downloads files with wmDA in the background,am working with IRIS and then again if I connect my 3.5mm adapter and connect my poor PC speaker to it and hear music with the touch player from samsung,all at the same time is it multitasking? Probably,though the data transfer speed gets a bit slow when wmDA is running but still I can work with it. So lets just say my omnia can do almost everything your iPhone can do plus a lot more than stated in the manual! So that makes both omnia and iPhone almost close,where am falling behind? Ya the screen its just messy gotta shoot that son of a b*tch who produce these poor shits. Its not WMs fault that it can't replace your laptop or just say you can't figure out how to do stuff in WM,but still it can be an issue.

I did compare M$ and iApple because many folks in previous replies just blindly claimed(indirectly) that any device with winmo is just a bunch load of crap and iPhone is best,these folks I believe are brainwashed by the hype of wow iPhone is so cool.

I was hoping if by any good chance a apple developer see my post maybe they'll consider making their bluetooth do what its supposed to do,produce unlocked official phones,add memory slot,ditch iTunes and add some decent app or atleast provide the "mass storage mode" to directly connect to the PC instead of messing around with iTunes,if all that is done I will really move to iPhone as am pretty annoyed with the tiny and odd resolution except that everything is fine with me.

Sorry for my pointless arguments,but I was enraged by those fools who doesn't know how to calibrate their screens and hope flashing might help and in the end come and say wow omnia is junk and iPhone is best. iPhone still need a lot of improvements( because the only improvedments I've noticed so far is the touch screen(most popular) and the shiny gui),winmo does too but winmo seems to simply work with some tweaks,I have pointed out several sides that make winmo stand out in the race between iphone and winmo,but never found any decent post with enough details on how iPhone is better,just "dude I just ditched my winmo,bought and iPhone,man what can I say am impressed to death,my life is easier now, super awesome screen sensitivity and visual stuff,lot of apps" which provokes the temptation to get an iPhone but in the end you endup finding it doesn't simple have what you want,as the requirements and taste differ from man to man. I once read a post where several guys just converted from iPhone to PalmOS or BlackBerry because they found none of the features that iPhone provide were of any use to them with a lot of details to what they really wanted to say,I will post a link if I find it once again. iPhone is simply a phone with a massive mods to make it do stuff,don't say iPhone is best,make your point clear,don't just say Winmo has many flaws instead point them out( without linking to another post where idiots write the kind of comment I've stated earlier),as I did. I was really shocked when I found iPhone 3GS doesn't even have its bluetooth working ,I don't really use bluetooth headset,I use bluetooth mainly to send of data around my workplace where each PC has independent bluetooth dongle and their OS differ depending on who works on them,boss use windows Vista,some use Ubuntu,I use windows xp+ Haiku(USB boot!),tech guy use PcBSD,and iPhone can't even act as mass data storage to be directly connected. I didn't mean you get your apps from within the phone,I mean it from my own point of view where I have to copy things back and forth from my PC and several PCs around my work place,imagine the frustration when you don't have itunes and you really need to copy off some stuff from certain PC which runs some unix or bsd has a bluetooth dongle and doesn't have internet! Transfering files thorugh internet is not convenient and way too funny it is when you want to copy a simple stuff and have to email it to yourself. I was furious to those who are blind,not to you,am glad that iPhone really increased the efficiency of your work even without having those extra goodies,my omnia made me happy,it has all I need,everyone has some certain requirements and no two brands or models will have them all. I'm hoping to get an android device,but not yet,I'll wait till my omnia dies and android gets more powerful.

Oh I really had a good laugh when I read "WinMo is very much flawed in its design",seriously can you swear your iPhone is simply perfect? Nah,every thing created no matter who is the creator,will must have certain flaws,if you think that your wife has a black eye and blue another,is a flaw,I think its unique and beautiful. Certain flaws are good to have,but most are not. So there I am again posting a huge post this time with my Samsung keyboard(I started loving XT9!!) wasting all of your time and hopefully still none will get my points.

Thank you

Good luck to Android.

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Oh,one more thing,I really don't want to do more in depth research because that will revel more of the iPhone flaws and tempt me to type in some more huge posts,and after that I'll end up losing the least bit of honor that I have on Apple for producing those awesome Macs. I will simply wait and watch till my omnia dies and get a new android. No more ithings no more Winthings,hopefully god will help me on this.

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Agree - It is each to their own - Exactly what I was pointing out to Rowlf earlier - Although I see he's done yet another AMAZING long post.... so will probably look at this next week.

Remember, I work with developers on all platforms, and I have had WM devices for over 10 years (almost 12 now I think!!) and I know where you are coming from ;)

But your happy ..... I am happy... and I am pretty sure Android users are very happy.

Rowlf probably needs to refer to my "much much earlier posts" about why I went to the iPhone over the WM. But it was not to spark a "My phone is greater than yours" - I simply stated (very clearly) that the iPhone does what it says on the TIN, plus a hell of alot more. As it has gone for 1 week with replacing my laptop, I am happy and it works for me.

Ok, will not suit all, but that is why I stated earlier (in another thread) "If we all agreed on the same make / model of phone, then we would not have debates like this and a huge choice of Smartphones" :D

I never knocked the Omnia at all - I am knocking M$ for cocking things up with a CRAP system, which is layered by a "skin" that makes it good.

WM7 will hopefully amend this, and maybe bring MS back into the race. But for now, for right now, I believe they have taken their eye of the ball.

iPhone has always come with a camera, and the 3GS is more than acceptable for "me". I dont want it to replace my own camera, but I tell you what, its a hell of alot better than the TYTN II camera ever was. And for me, that is annoying.

I do not believe the iPhone can be bad - Otherwise why would the majority of Teccies and Mazagines rate it so highly. But each to their own I guess :(

I appreciate your comments and pleased that you did even give the iPhone a chance.

Working with Developers, its also nice to see Android (which was ALMOST the phone I went for). So it could be that this thread could have turned into "WM against Google" - But it hasnt :D

Like you, enjoy tinkering under the hood, but I was not going to cover any of this.

Hopefully this thread can be laid to rest, because the end result should be:

1) If your not happy with your brand of phone or OS, change it

2) If your happy, stick with it - As long as it does what you want it to do.

The end?? Not if Rowlf is around :D


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