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[APP][08/05/2010] MobilePad 1.3.100728 RF - Multitab Text editor

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MobilePad is a multi-tab text editor that allows you to create quick notes or long journals for daily activities right on your Windows Mobile Device. It also provides the ability to share files by sending the current opened document as SMS or Email to your friends and family. With multi-tab supports, you can now open multiple documents for viewing or to exchange their contents.

Another unique feature that only MobilePad has is the ability to auto-backup your current viewing/editing files. Auto-back function is 100% customizable. So you can choose backup time internal and backup location.

Now with the support of Reading Mode, you can read your favorite text files or plain text eBooks in a more finger friendly environment.

Unlike many other text editors, MobilePad allows you to save your text file in 4 encoding: ANSI, Unicode, Unicode big endian, and UTF-8. This way, you can be sure that your files will be readable when transfer to your personal computer or vice versa.

For more info, please visit: Maximus Mobile MobilePad

Here is the changes log: Changes log

Requirements & Supports:

  • .NET Compact Framework 3.5
  • Windows Mobile 6.x Professional
  • Support QVGA, VGA, WVGA Screen
  • Support Landscape mode
  • Support ApptoDate
  • Support Reading Mode

    • Limited to 160 character per tab.
    • Can not associate with file extension.
    • Do not support AppToDate.
    • Download Trial Version


    MobilePad_1.Png?height=200&width=120 MobilePad_3.Png?height=200&width=120 MobilePad_6.Png?height=200&width=120 MobilePad_7.Png?height=200&width=120 MobilePad_4.Png?height=200&width=120 MobilePad_5.Png?height=200&width=120 MobilePad_9.Png?height=200&width=120 MobilePad_11.Png?height=200&width=120 MobilePad_14.Png?height=200&width=120 MobilePad_15.Png?height=200&width=120 MobilePad_18.Png?height=200&width=120

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Version 1.2.100220 RF is now lived!!!


February 22, 2009 - v1.2.100220 Refresh (RF) Released.

* Added: remembered last open/save directory and expand browsing folder automatically.

* Added: customize associate extensions. Now you can associate with any extensions of your choice.

* Added: Under open file, now there's an option to view all files.

* Added: Reading Panel. Now you can view your documents in a more finger friendly environment.

* Fixed: Bug, where capitalize file extensions don't show up when browsing for supported extension.

* Fixed: Bug, on some devices it doesn't allow to send email even there's an email account setup.


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July 28, 2010 - v1.3.100728 Refresh (RF) Released.

Added: Under Preferences, now entering a text field will pop up Soft Input Panel (Keyboard).

Fixed: Bug where Save file over old one doesn't save correctly.

Fixed: Open File Dialog where navigate around folders gets added extra column headers.

Improved: Scrolling speed.


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