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Need help on changing IMGFS size

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Hello All,

The device is Pharos137 with 512M ROM.

I am trying to cook a ROM for this device and it fails to boot if add any file larger than 5Mb to OEM folder.

When Google Map cab(which is less than 4Mb) is added to OEM with out any changes to XIP and SYS every thing goes well. Device boots up and installs the cab.

But when I try just adding Skype cab or Copilot or any other cab larger than 6Mb, device fails to boot and struck at spalsh screen!

Is there a setting for IMGFS size? Where is it stored and how do I change it?

Having ROM size of 512M and unable to cook IMGFS larger than 90M is stupid I think. But such is my problem!

Can any one please point me to a solution?

BTW I have gathered various tools and put together into a kitchen. So I might not be having all the tools! I have also ported XIP and SYS and successfully created a ROM that boots. But when I try adding larger files to OEM it fails to boot.


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