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John Hamelink

To all Eclipse users on ubuntu 9.10

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Have you been experiencing symptoms such as the ones listed below when trying to set up your development environment:

  • Buttons not doing anything when clicked, but they work when pressing enter?
  • When you have android's repo added, it seems like it's empty?

    If so, then you need to use this workaround for eclipse to behave normally:
    • right click on applications
    • click edit menus
    • click on programming on the left hand side
    • click on new item on the right hand side

      • Under name, type in Eclipse

      • Under Command, type in "env GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1 <insert path to eclipse here>", obviously substituting the "<insert path to eclipse here>" with the path to the eclipse binary (the file called "eclipse" in the root of your eclipse directory)

      • Click on the little spring icon on the left hand side, and browse to the root of your eclipse directory.

      • Select the icon.xpm that will appear and click Ok

      • Click Ok

      [*]And you're all done!

      If you follow these instructions, your eclipse should work perfectly. The good news is that the next version of eclipse will also have the bug fixed, so this won't be necessary soon.

      I hope this is helpful for someone out there, as I couldn't figure out what was wrong with my install - I thought that the android developer's repo was not working correctly!

      (adapted from http://bit.ly/4ki6oH)

Edited by John Hamelink

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