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We recently had a poll going on asking what device we should work on getting our ROMz on and we got nothing from it. The Poll did not really help us know as to where to go with this, and as someone commented, the list was made of mostly HTC devices and they all already have many ROMz going for it.

Due to that, we want to ask one more time, what non HTC devices would you like our ROMz on. The only device we got out of the post and are currently pushing to get the ROM going for is the TG01. We noticed the device produced 2 pages of comments asking for their first cooked ROM to come from us and with that and this post on Xda and Modaco asking people to vote for the TG01. We read that and felt bad that the device is super powered with snapdragon goodness and is crippled with Toshiba badness… so we are currently working on it, so yes we are working on it, but we have no promises at this point, so lets just hope.

The LG incite is in the works along side the Acer neotouch, HTC Hd, Samsung Omnia I & II.

Are we forgetting something?

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