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Symbian is now more "open" than Android

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'Symbian is now more "open" than Android'

Symbian Foundation has said that their code is more "open" than the Android's code. This is going to hot up the competition for the open source market!

The gloves are off, folks. The groups supporting the Symbian operating system have obviously recognised the very real threat posed by Google's Android operating system and have decided to do something about it, by making the Symbian OS completely free and open source.

But that's not all, Symbian Foundation has declared that the Symbian OS is far more 'open' than its Android competitor which, it declares, is not as open as Google likes to make out. 'About a third of the Android code base is open and nothing more. And what is open is a collection of middleware. Everything else is closed or proprietary,' said Lee Williams, executive director of the Symbian Foundation. He added: 'Anyone can influence (the Symbian) roadmap or contribute to new features.'


Will we see improved Symbian O/S that is better than Android? Has anyone used the Symbian code? Is it easy to understand & use? What do you think of it?

[Via: Mobile Choice]

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i guess i am just sheer out of luck with my samsung sgh-i780, nothing special with it just an marvell xscale pxa310, (with prety much everything on chip) so what is holding me back installing Symbian on it... the Rom? The drivers?

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