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Swype Keyboard

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Just wondering how many of you have seen this?

its called swype and its posted on xda developers.

allows you to trace the words you want on a qwerty keyboard lifting up your finger (thumb) and is a very fast and convenient method of text input. I replaced my android and touch pal keyboard with it today and will not be looking back.it is astonishingly accurate and it is much faster to use than a regular keyboard and the moreyou get used to it.

its not on the market but can be downloaded as an apk file.

look it up on google and youtube to get a look at it.

i typed post using it and it had all the words included in its dictionary! even apk!

and I notice that it has been mentioned in various device specific forums but I feel it is worth a punt in here as its available for all android phones.

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I have it on my CDMA Hero and it ROCKS!!!! Makes my Hero complete. If you don't believe me, give it a shot. It's more responsive than you'd think. One of the best mods I've done!

What have you got to lose, you can always go back to stock.

Would attach the .apk, but it's on my other computer. It's all over the net, just search Google for it.

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I tried it but it's pretty useless if you're not english, i hope they support more languages over time, i might try it again, since typing now kinda sux on the hero because it lacks multitouch!

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Swype is awesome !!!

I use it for at least a month and will keep it for sure !!!

The only point I would like to see improved are:

- A way to remove some languages. Indeed I only use English ad French.

- A way to mix 2 dictionaries or a faster way to switch between 2 dictionaries.

- Bug: I mostly use the French keyboard and quite often, it says it is in the french layout but the keyboard displayed is the qwerty one.

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