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Remote control over PC

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Hey all. Hope all is well.

We have finally got our wi-fi remote control software, Threemote, onto Android, and now need to assess two things:

1. would anyone use it, and what for?

2. whether it's more or less ready to go onto Android Market.

So if anyone's feeling brave and fancies driving Windows Media Player, iTunes or Media Center on Windows from their Android phone, get the beta download from http://www.setupremote.com directly on your android browser (it will trigger an APK download).

Our blog post here explains a little bit more: http://blog.threemote.com/2010/02/08/android-beta-live/

and please share the bugs you find and problems you encounter via this contact form


And yes - this first version uses Windows SideShow, although we're looking at other gadget/widget frameworks we can hook into for PC and Mac.

Many thanks in advance. Hope somebody manages to try it and have fun with it...

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