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Google Map Cell Tower Triangulation fails beyond v.3.2.1

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Still having this issue on Lioryte's 28232.

Using GM 4.0.0 and tried both the disabling of HTCSensorSDK.dll and adding HKLM\Software\Google\GoogleMaps\supports_extended_ril=1 and support_extended_wifi=1. Both of these had no effect on My Location cell tower based location. It still says that my location is temporarily unavailable.

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Google Maps 4.1.0: http://m.google.com/maps/download/binaries.../GoogleMaps.CAB

Mirror: http://bitsurge.net/winmo/GoogleMaps4.1.0.CAB

When you download Google Maps from Google they link you to 4.0 for some reason so you'll need to download from this link directly.

THANK YOU!!! I had to do a hard reset and got v. 4.0 and no it doesnt have cell triangular or voice search. The Google folks need to update their stuff. Version 4 SUX! All we need now is for them to add Google Nav, and

i'll be all set.

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