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Bluetooth button asssignement

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Greeting everyone,

I recently acquired a zte bluebelt II (it's a device selled by the portuguese operator TMN).

The device has a wm6.5 and I'm trying to make the bluetooth button work with the voice dialer.

I already added this registry entry:


@="\"\\Windows\\Menu Iniciar\\Programas\\Marcação por voz.lnk\" -b"




"Icon"="\\windows\\BluetoothManager.exe, 0"

"Name"="Bluetooth Headset Button"

"ResetCmd"="\"\\Windows\\Menu Iniciar\\Programas\\Marcação por voz.lnk\" -b"

I already assigned the button to the program in the configuration...

the links are correct, but as I double the button it dials the last call and as I long press the button nothing happens ;)

Some people say to change the key on HKLM\Software\OEM but it doesn't exist?

does anyone know how to do this...

note: the bluetooth headset is a bh-102 and it was working like a charm on my htc dual touch :D

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