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UK government fights next-gen mobile phone crime

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UK government fights next-gen mobile phone crime

The UK government is trying to fight the next-geb mobile phone crimes by introducing these design innovations. Looks interesting... but time will tell if they do actually works!

Three new design innovations to tackle mobile phone crime, including a device that locks a phone and alerts the owner if it is taken away from them, have been unveiled today. The prototypes were as part of the Mobile Phone Security Challenge, an initiative from the Home Office. The aim of was to make phones more secure and to prevent unauthorised use of mobiles. This could potentially become a big problem, as phones become facilitators for day-to-day electronic payments.

There are three solutions, which are:
  • i-migo - a small device which the user keeps about their person. The i-migo sounds an alert and locks the handset if it is taken out of a set range - either through theft or loss.
  • The 'tie' solution - this electronically matches a handset to a SIM card and protects data stored on the handset with a password and encryption. If stolen, the handset cannot be used with another SIM and data such as saved passwords, browsed websites, and contacts cannot be accessed by criminals.
  • TouchSafe - aimed at making "M-Commerce" transactions more secure by using a small card worn or carried by the user, who discreetly touches the phone to the card to enable the transaction.

All of these three working prototypes will be on display from the 15 - 18 February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

What do you think of these design innovations? Will they work?

Is anyone going to the Mobile World Congress, who can take a look at these and feedback here? :D

[Via: Expert Reviews]

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