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MCR r22.1 archive

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This topic is available for archive / reference purposes.

MCR r22 is now in released and therefore this topic is closed.


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Known Issues

  • Bluetooth does not work reliably
  • FM Radio finds stations but does not produce any sound
  • Footprints camera view is rotated 90 degrees
  • USB mount notification does not fire - use 'USB Mount' application from menu.

    Alpha r22.1
    • Fixed issue where governor would lock to userspace instead of OnDemand, locking the device to 768MHz (WTF!)
    • Added gr0gmint's R2 JIT as a kitchen option
      • Now using CyanogenMod apns-conf.xml
      • ROM is now unified with Desire release for faster updates to newer builds
      • Complete ground-up rework
      • Based on 1.21.xxx.x Desire ROM with elements of EPF21B
      • Now sited lib on /data instead of /framework, to free up space on /system for kitchen components.
        • Updated Camera application (no other changes)
          • Rebased on a new leak... AGAIN!
          • Now includes TCK 0.8
          • Long SMS issue fixed
          • Updated APN list
          • HTC_CIME Chinese Input added
          • Hebrew fonts added
          • Clock widgets fixed
          • Various minor tweaks / fixes
            • New su and Superuser APK
            • Important update to dalvik-cache to /cache
            • RIL update
              • Reverted APN file to match Alpha 17 (apologies to our US friends!)
              • Switched HTC IME back to Jonasl's port (version 18, thanks for the bugfix!)
              • Patched Rosie (Sense) to allow click-drag-ordering again (not included in shipping Desire!)
                • This update is based on 1.15.405.3, which is the Desire shipping ROM
                • Completely rebuilt everything from the ground up - please report any issues not shown in the 'known issues' above
                • Reverted HTC IME to stock version
                • Prebaked download is now available with or without MoDaCo additions
                  • Reworked Camera application modifications from scratch - pictures should now be better quality and the flash will now fire as accurately as on a real Desire
                  • Fixed HTC Footprints
                  • Updated Google Maps to 4.1
                    • Added Sense UI Live Wallpaper (thanks Stericson + secret source!)
                    • Added Navigation Panel (thanks Stericson + secret source!)
                    • Updated HTC IME to jonasl's version 16, made optional in kitchen
                    • Updated Titanium Backup
                    • Updated Live Wallpapers to fix ordering issue (hopefully, only after wipe)
                    • Reverted Maps to stock version - for non US navigation check out Brut's patched version.
                    • Added Trackball notification options to the kitchen
                      • Fix for screen brightness control

                      Alpha 13

                        [*]TRACKBALL NOTIFICATIONS! See this post for further details!

                        [*]EPE54B RIL library (I recommend you use the latest radio)

                        Alpha 12

                          [*]Now includes Teknologist's TCK 0.7. This is based on the official .33 repositories, with only minor tweaks. The ROM is undervolted only for frequencies < 256MHz :D

                          [*]Updated HTC_IME to jonasl's v13, based on my Desire leak

                          [*]RIL updates (more connection quality and stability in my experience) - ERE36B radio recommended

                          [*]Live Wallpapers ordering fix (sorry, wipe required)

                          [*]Optional Nexus One boot animation

                          [*]Desk Clock (Dock) music app fix (now uses HTC Music app)

                          Alpha 11

                            [*]Now includes Teknologist's TCK 0.6. This is based on the official .33 repositories, with only minor tweaks. The ROM is undervolted for the base/stock 245MHz frequency and tweaks the capacitive buttons slightly (thanks kmobs), it uses the CFS I/O scheduler.

                            [*]Now includes a customised HTC Camera application with working flash and 5 megapixel modes.

                            [*]Configuration changes made to try and resolve problem with some missing applications from the market. Please provide feedback.

                            [*]Updated Titanium Backup, WaveSecure and Wired Tether applications.

                            [*]Added Amazon MP3 to the kitchen.

                            [*]Added the option to exclude the HTC World Clock application in favour of the dock friendly Google Desk Clock application.

                            Alpha 10

                              [*]Now includes Teknologist's TCK 0.5. Minor config tweaks to bring config closer to that of the original Bravo after we obtained stock Bravo config.

                              [*]Minor updates to boot image, should fix issues with key backlights and repeat notifications. Also adds flashing LED for notifications.

                              Alpha 9

                                [*]Repacked boot image, including TCK 0.4, to avoid flashing issue. Minor kernel config tweaks.

                                [*]'Car Home' included by request.

                                [*]Bootsound removed - it will be an optional extra in the kitchen. It was annoying me. :D

                                Alpha 8

                                  [*]Hugely, HUGELY, optimised for space. Only the framework sits on /data now (and there's 12MB free on system currently!), and I foresee that with more work, we might even be able to fit everything on /system!

                                  [*]dalvik-cache moved to /cache, this frees up a ton of space on /data

                                  [*].32 Custom kernel by myself and teknologist with undervolt for low frequencies only, our usual modules etc. for VPN, tun and the like, props to persiansown for the UC source and cyanogen for the kernel git - this should fix Bluetooth!

                                  [*]USB mount app preinstalled

                                  [*]Maps 4 port by Brut preinstalled which adds multitouch and non US navigation (both tested)

                                  [*]Gallery 3D app from Nexus One preinstalled (multitouch tested and working)

                                  [*]Added default android keyboard with voice search - also fixes voice search issues!

                                  [*]Added alternate news widget from Nexus One (GenieWidget)

                                  [*]Online kitchen for MoDaCo Ad Free / Plus members (see my sig for deets)

                                  [*]Slimmed down customize directory with added en-US - thanks qteknology for the inspiration. All the space counts!

                                  Alpha 7

                                    [*]Fixed issue with ringtones list

                                    Alpha 6

                                      [*]Changes to try and resolve random reboots

                                      Alpha 5

                                        [*]Fixed white screen on boot, wifi and update-script issues

                                        [*]Fixed graphical glitching

                                        Alpha 1-4


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woooooowwwwwww =D

I'm pretty excited to try this out once it's a bit more stable....

Paul you rock...again

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Quick question...

I perform Nandroid backup... I wipe before installing the alpha...

If I want to revert back, do i just do a nandroid restore or do I have to flash a different rom first and THEN do a Nandroid restore?

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Thanks, paul

It's 5am in Thailand now, I've been using my N1 reading your posts here at Modaco the whole night (actually since last night haha)

Great work! :D

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I'm off to drink some wine... i'll be back online tomorrow to sift through any queries / look into bugfixes etc. :D


Thanks Paul...have a nice one mate

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this is very very responsive and fast! the occasional visual glitch is easy to live with for something that looks so beautiful. I can't believe how great sense looks on the nexus. (coming from a htc hero)

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It's really snappy - HTC (an Paul) did a great job!

Found bugs:

* On-Screen-Keyboard only types 'q' wherevver I touch it

* WiFi not working


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idd :D


I am completely new to Android, and I have been reading this thread and the other threads regarding rooting my N1 and flashing a ROM. I just moved over from WM6.5. LOL! Finally! I do not see the link for the download of the update.zip for this ROM. :D Can anyone help me. I obviously only see the link in the posts above for the boot.img, but not the main ROM. Thanks.

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hey dear friends, this alpha version of Rom is really alpha :D which means totally unusable in your life :D so if you are brave give it a try and if not, just wait for final rom to be released :lol:)

anyway, thanks alot Paul for your work :lol:

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He was uploading it, but read 2 posts up. The release may have been stalled to iron some stuff out. The XDA thread will have the link updated in the first post within seconds of a new release I'm certain.

thanks nitroboost - me being dense

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