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How can I force android not to close an application?

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Hi all,

Android is a very nice OS, but i have a problem: i would keep in background my IM client, like Fring or Palringo, but when i use some others applications, like web browser or gps navigator, sometimes Android close automatically my IM client and disconnect it from the net. This is a very boring behavior. And so, the question is the same of subject: how can I force android not to close an application, particularly IM clients?

Thank you in advance for any help!

p.s.: i use a Acer Liquid with 256 MB of RAM

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I haven't encountered this problem but then dont use IM all that much. Try this, install TasKill app from the market and from within this app add the IM clients to the Ignore List.

See if that helps, if not then you can set TasKill to auto kill all apps (that are not ignored) when the phone sleeps.

I'm pretty new to Android so not sure if the above will work but that's all i can think of atm. :D

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Well the reason why android does this, is because you're low on ram.

So you'd have to ask yourself if you really want to keep all of it running?

the new apps will probably be very slow if you'd succeed in refusing android to shutdown certain applications.

The only think i can think of right now is to keep the IM app near the top of the stack.. so it gets a low priority to be shutdown

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