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Ring sound problem

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Hi all,

It has been bothering me for a while now, when someone is calling me, the ring tone starts to play very quietly and then suddenly jumps up to the volume it is supposed to.

So here is the situation: Someone is calling; on the screen, the window with "who is calling" pops up and the ringtone (personal MP3 in My Storage - but build-in ringtones are doing this as well) starts playing but very very quietly, like if I had volume setting to 1 (lowest possible) even when I have volume to 5 (max); then suddenly, after like 3-4 seconds, the ringtone jumps up to sound level it is suppose to be (in my case 5). My ring profile is usually pure Ring or Ring and Vibrate (NOT increasing ringing!!).

This is quite disturbing since there is about 6-8 seconds delay (from the called side) before my phone actually starts ringing in the way I can notice it.

Anyone know the solution?


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I found the solution in the registry :


for the key : AttenuationCategory put value 1 instead of 2

the sound wont be progressive there will be no attenuation and you wont miss your calls ;)

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