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How do you update a HTC Hero

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:( I have a HTC Hero which I am very pleased with, I have read about a rom upgrade and a upgrade on the android software, but as this is my first smartphone, I am a little unsure how to do this, I have looked in the users handbook, and could find no details so I looked on the HTC website, but I am still none the wiser, although I did notice that they tell you to check the version number you have on your phone, there are several different things listed, Firmware, Baseband, Kernel, Software & Build Number, which of these is the rom version and which is the android version, should I look for updates on the others. How do I go about down load and in stalling the software do I have to connect to the internet on the phone through the mobile network or can I down load it to my pc which is using XP Pro as this would be a lot quicker, and if so how do I go about installing it on my phone, lastly do I have to install any software on the my pc before I connect my phone to it.

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Check out this thread in the beginners section click here. They even have the same phone as you (sort of).

Good Luck :(

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