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GPSPLEX get working on tg01?

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I've installed gpsplex on tg01, but seems to not detect tosh gps receiver:

Com0 - not working because ''Cannot open (serial) port''(even if initially software says it's free/not installed);

Com1 - not working/no signal

Com2 - see Com0

Com3 - IrCom

Com4 - see Com0 & Com2

Com5 - see Com1

Com6 - Multiplexor de GPS

and so on...

Thanks in advance for your (possible) help!!

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Problem solved!!! :(

After some web research and a lot of device tapping&softreset here we are:

1.start/settings/system/external gps/-programs/com4 and hardware/none&baud 4800;

2.start/gpsplex/gps/seleccionar gps/gps local/leave V:4800/Puerto serie:com4:No instalado/Acceptar/ok(in the top right corner) resulting a window with:

-bottom left corner com4 to comx(remember comx for your future settings in navig softw);

-top left corner gps coordinates;

-center a few satelites;

3.tap GPS(bottom left corner)/Ocultar(minimise) gpsplex;

4.start navig softw

5. go gps software settings (if necesary) and put port comx,baud 4800(or else, seems to be irrelevant for some gps softwares:I'm not 100% sure).

I recommend gpsplex (like a good alternative to gpsgate) when needed for 2 reasons:

- it's FREEE

- low resources consumer.


P.S. For further questions DO NOT HESITATE to contact me...

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