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My Twin Brother Retronana (Stephen)

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Hi Everyone, I thought that i would do a post on here, i hope thats ok ?

My name is Sarah and i am Stephen's (aka Retronana) twin sister and i came across this site while browing my twins name.

The reason for my post is unfortunally bad news......Sadly Stephen died last August and i thought that you should know :-( It was a complete and utter shock to me and his family and we are still at a loss.

As Stephens twin i just had to do something so i am doing a 10k run in his memory. All the money raised is going to The Mental Health Foundation, if you would like to read more about Stephen or about my run you can do that here :


I hope that it was ok to post this & i thank you for taking the time to read it.

Im not sure if anyone will remember Stephen but wanted to post on here anyway as i knew he was a member for a few years.

Take care love Sarah x


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Good luck in the run and with raising money for a very worthy cause.

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Hello ma'am, I do not know Steven, but I know your grief and I am wondering how I can assist you later. I am French and it is difficult to translate the post but if I can help in something I stand at your disposal

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