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TG01 Wi-Fi Problem

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Hi folks, just picked one of these up for the £149 in Orange, but have a problem with wi-fi that I have had with a few WM devices over time, think its the AR6000 wlan chipset myself, seems very fussy about what and when it connects.

I would appreciate any help, but not please along the lines of "change your router", that ain't happening, it works fine with loads of other devices, so if this issue is non solveable, its the TG01 that goes! :-)

OK, first connection to the Router (its a Billion ADSL) was fine, got connection, worked OK. From there in, as soon as it woke up, no dice, just unable to connect, always shows up in both WM and Tosh wireless util as available, just never connects.

Now, what I have noticed with this and at other times when I have had this issue with past devices is that it puts some odd stuff in the IP address field in the Configure Networks Adaptors screen.

I have it set for Use Server Assigned IP Address, but in the field below, I get this odd stuff fe80:221:e8ff:fe88 instead of 192.xxx.xxx.xxx that should be in there. I am sure this is somehow related to my connection issues, but searching the web, seems like noone else ever had this?


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