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Enraged Ninja

Needs the communities advice on switching to Droid

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Hey everyone, Thx for reading this.

Im a 1st time user of any 'smart phone' device. My 1st device was/is an omnia i910, windows mobile - love it.... after i got the gps unlocked and what not.

But... technology has grown up a bit and im thinking of switching to the droid. Somethings have been keeping me backed away from it though and was wondering if i could get some advice/opinions from droid users.

Basically after researching the crap out of the phone (as i do before i jump into a $300+ device) i have kindve ran into some road blocks. Basically from what i have read:

-Multi touch isnt active, even though possible

-Live wall papers arent active, but possible

I kindve want/need my phone to have GPS, stream music with orb networks and... thats pretty much it... but the extra bonus of multitouch (pinch zoom) and live wall paper sounds awesome. Can the droid do this?

On a side note i have been wondering if i should hold off till the nexus one comes to verizon. But i just recently saw a video/read an article that the hardware fails on multi touch and the keyboard with the droid kindve knocks out the fact the nexus doesnt have one.

Spec wise though whats the better choice? Droid or Nexus one

I played with the droid at verizon and noticed it doesnt respond to fingernails/styluses - is this a right, or was i tripping out that day and not pushing down hard enough?

Also as far as switching to another OS on mobile (which poses no problem) what should i expect coming from WM? I use SPB Mobile shell and i love it, its fast and creative. Anything similar to that?

Thx so much in advance for the opinions!

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I myself have switched from Omnia i900 to Motorola Milestone (GSM version of Droid.

Multitouch is enabled on Droid via custom firmwares/tweaks. Same with live wallpapers.

GPS is head above Omnia's, receiver is more powerful, and maps look great on Droid high res screen. Also magnetometer(compass) helps - you can instantly see where you facing, without moving.

Nexus is not better. Keyboard is personal choice, but Nexus is less robust - for example, no Gorilla glass protective layer. Also Nexus AMOLED blows in sunlight. Droid has transflective backlight, its unreally good outdoors.

Android phones use capacitive screens, so you don't press on them, you just *touch* them. Pointless to "press harder" anyway, since they employ hard glass screen covers instead of WM's soft plastic. Also on Droid its ultra-hard self-healing Gorilla Glass - no need for screen protector. They don't react to stylus, but will react to lightest flicks in much more responsive way than WMs.

In comparison to Android, WM was:

1) sluggish, Mobile Shell or not

2) ugly. Sure, you can skin some parts of it, but still 5-years old gui here and there

Two things I miss about WM:

1) security. If somebody steals your Android phone, very easy to crack it open for all contacts/login credentials inside

2) seamless Outlook sync in WM. Its far from being as good, universal and quick in Android. Also Android forces you to use Google cloud - which makes aforementioned weak security even worse.

Hope this helps.

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Ok my Two Cents,

I have had the i910 for over two years & it was a big improvement above the other WM devices i have used in the past, I also "Still" have a i920 that i have Cooked the crap out of & between the i910 & the i920 the i920 is a huge improvement in most ways, BUT im also test driving a Moto Droid & after Flashing to 2.1 and running it for about 5 days now i can tell you the Android OS has much, much more depth than WM 6.5 or WM 7 has & the hardware between the Moto Droid & the i920 the i920 isnt in the same ball park its like comparing a 7600gt vs. 295 GTX ya they both work but not the same result so it isn't fair to compare.

Frankly i think Samsung is trying to pull a fast one to get the i920 to market even tho they knew there 3D was crap and soon to be replaced by the next model.

So long story short im about 5 days from sending back my i920 to Verizon unless there is something im missing on this whole 3D mess. O and the Opn Market & Marketplace still lack good apps.

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I've been thinking of making the switch myself. The Omnia is great, but after using the Palm Centro with a keyboard and going to the Omnia, I just have to have a keyboard. I've been looking at the Touch Pro 2, and the Droid, and even the Palm Pre, but it looks like developers aren't showing the Pre no love.

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The keyboard on Pre is not really that great, surely you get the good tactile feel, but keys are VERY small.

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Palm is in serious trouble. They do not have the developers and Pres and not sellling. Android is great. I used Windows Mobile for years, and swapped over to a Droid a couple of weeks ago. Everything just works better on the Droid than it did on my Omnia i910. I have never been happier with a phone than I am with my Droid.

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