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volume-key, mute/vibrate problem

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Hello, I am developing an application in native C++ with Windows Mobile SDK 6 for Samsung Omnia II GT-I8000. I have to use my own UI engine in the appliacation, and I want to inform the user about the volume level with an appearing progressbar. There is no problem if I change the volume level with a short press of the hardware key, the WM_KEYUP/WM_KEYDOWN windows messages are sent by the core, so I can detect them. But if I do a long press for decreasing the volume, the device changes its behaviour to vibrate or mute. There are NO windows messages sent in this case. Is there any solution to detect the volmue level (sound settings, voice/vibrate/mute) state changes? I do not want to poll the values in registy or call other apis frequently for that detection. So if there is any other solution, please inform me. Any help would be appreciated.

The OS version of the used device: Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional CE OS 5.2.21872 (Build 21872.5.0.71)

Used development IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Thanks in advance.

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