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Problems with Opera

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I have problems with Opera.

The phone came with Opera 9.5 preinstalled. I have downloaded both the new Opera Mobile 10 and Opera Mini.

1. In all three versions I cannot download files.

instead of downloading files, Opera opens them eithet in the same or in a new tab.

I can download the files fine with Pocket Internet Explorer just pressing on the link and then choosing "save destination". I do not have any such choice with Opera.

To let you understand what I mean, try to download any of the plt, wpt, gpx, kml files which you will find at the page http://www.hellaspath.gr/index.php?p=2&m=1&mntid=44. The wpt and plt files are simple txt files containing geographical data. The kml files are Google Earth files. They are tracks and waypoints from the Greek mountains which I use in conjuction with Ozi Explorer CE.

If downloading is impossible, I will consider it a major disadvantage of Opera

2. Auto rotation of the screen does not work with Opera 10 and Opera Mini. It works fine with Opera 9.5. I think Opera Mini does not support auto rotation. But what about Opera 10? Any ideas?

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