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latest manila version for I8000 Omnia II ?

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i'm going to buy my device within this week.. i love the specs of I8000 Omnia II, but i also cant resist the TouchFlo 3D interface of HTC Touch Diamond2..

can somebody tell me which version of manila does TD2 uses? and is that(or later) version available for I8000?

thanks in advance.. <_<

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Hi, i think you will have more chance in OminaII section, here it's Toshiba TG01.

There is a thread about Sense/TF3D on omnia2, you will have more information than here.

Also, it seem there is already some rom available for omnia2 with sense included in the rom. It's better than a cab that need probably fix...

Look on OmniaII section= http://www.modaco.com/category/410/i8000-v...000-modaco-com/

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