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Daylight Savings Time Bug

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Hi all,

First, the background information in case this makes a difference:

T-Mobile Wing (AKA HTC Atlas, if I remember correctly)

Windows Mobile 6 Professional, which I flashed myself. I don't remember the exact details of what I used, but looking at the "about" section on the phone it says it's running CE 5.2.1235 (Build 17740.0.2.0). I remember putting the daylight savings time update in a while back at one point, and it did update the time when it should.

Now, my problem: my calendar times are all skewed. Most of what I have are recurring appointments, and everything is set an hour after it should be (ie, my 8:00-9:50 class shows 9:00-10:50). Originally, I was going to set everything back an hour, but I opened one of my appointments to edit it, and it was still set to 8:00-9:50 there. Now I'm a little stuck, to say the least. Is there any fix for this? I'd prefer not to flash my phone again if possible, since I'm on a Mac and ActiveSync doesn't exist (grrrr) so anything involving a USB cable is difficult.

Any suggestions are appreciated.



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Yeah, it was correct to begin with. Just for kicks, I changed it to EST (instead of CST) and back to CST, still brought me back to where I was.

Thanks for the response!

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Some of the daylight saving time issues are not bugs as such, they are more down to when governments decide to change the date to when the saving will happen or in some countries decide at the last minute that it will not happen at all.

One existing topic I have posted in explains it in more detail, it is regarding a different phone but it is the same principle.


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