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Question about Droid vs Desire

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I'm thinking about buying a new phone. The phones I like the most are the Droid and the Desire.

I prefer the looks of the droid, and I like the physical keyboard. But the droid has a 550 mhz processor while the Desire has 1Ghz.

I've seen that you can overclock the droid to 1Ghz. But will the Droid at 1 Ghz be as powerful as the Desire? And will it shorten the lifetime of the droid drastically?

Thanks in advance,

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Well the Droid has a TI OMAP3430 processor and the Desire has the Qualcomm QSD8250 1Ghz. Overclocking the Droid to the speed of the Desire may not yield the same results. Also, it seems a Droid at 1.3Ghz still gets outperformed by a Nexus One with JIT.

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