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Unable to send text message in i617

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I am using i617 BJ-II in Pakistan. Everything is working fine but when I try to send a text message, it shows an error:-

The message was not sent to one or more recipients. To verify addresses and network coverage, select Retry. To save to Drafts, select Cancel.

I noticed that message options are also disabled while composing a message.

Please help

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If unable to send or receive SMS, troubleshoot accordingly

Verify the message center number is programmed correctly.

Power device off and back on.

Verify SMS is working by sending another text message.

Check for known issues and error messages for the device.

If problems persist, please contact Customer Care.

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One other thing you can try is a hard reset of the phone. You will lose any added ring tones, pics you may have added, but that can cure the problem. If you want to do a hard reset, press the start soft key, go to and open settings, go to and open security, page through until you reach reset, enter reset and follow the instructions.

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