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I stupidly managed to drop my HTC Touch Pro 2 during a rock scrambling session today.

It landed screen down and has a lovely spider web effect across the screen. It looks like it is just the glass that is cracked as it displays everything fine and the touch screen works perfectly even where the cracks converge.

Looking on ebay I can see replacement screens and replacement digitisers.

I think that the digitiser is the component that registers the touch, so I don't think that is what I need.

Is it one of the generic screens I need?

I've taken a few phones apart in the past, but can anyone point me at a guide for replacing the screen if one exists?

Much appreciated.

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As such I have no idea what to suggest you here as I have never use an HTC phone earlier. But a friend of my sister is working at a mobile dealer shop and some of colleagues at the work place use HTC. I would ask for the assistance from all of them and if there is something I found which can really figure your query, I will post it here.

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The HTC device which you are using is not a cheap one. I don't understand your point to fix it up by your own. Go to the nearest authorized service center and let them fix your phone. It is possible that if the damage is covered under warranty, then you can get it fixed for free.

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