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Witch is the best android phone ?

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The question is in title.

Witch phone is currently the best android phone ??

Considering the HTC's Hero, Legend, Desire , Motorola Milestone, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 & Google Nexus One

Hero and Legend have smaller displeys, but they are cheaper

Desire & Nexus one cost the most money

X10 has biggest displey (but it's stuck on Android 1.6)

So, what would you say. Witch phone is the best Android phone?

Witch phone has the best ratio between money and "usability" ??

PS: Sorry for my English

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The Legend and Hero are similar devices the Legend is a "beefed up" hero.


The Nexus One and Desire are the two best phones on the list and again both are very similar.

Nexus One:


Capacitive buttons

Customizable(rootable, own roms, etc...)



Physical Buttons

"Locked Down" only use official updates (for the moment)

Sense UI (Avialble on Nexus with desire rom)

SE X10

Best camera resolution out of all the phones.

Due and upgrade to 2.1 "soon"

"Mediascape" and "Timescape" are apparently very nice and easy to use


Physical keyboard

Also due a 2.1 upgrade soon

Bit bulky compared to a Nexus One.


I use a Nexus One as my main phone and my mate has milestone and he loves his, its all down to personal preference, what you can afford and what you want todo with the phone, I'm sure any of the phones listed you would be happy with.

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A couple more differences:

Desire has more memory than the N1

Desire can fully sync with MS Exchange out of the box

N1 has voice-t-text out of the box

N1 has active noise cancellation

They're the only two I would consider. For me, I went with the desire cos I don't like the idea of the trackball on the N1.

I pondered the X10 but the Desire or N1 will have a much bigger community support base, both here and at XDA Dev. Sony are also notorious for dragging their heels on releasing updated ROMs - hence the X10 being released with 1.6

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