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owner of HD2 - past owner of SPv. Way to change power indicator on HD2?

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ive had 3 versions of SPV's and on all of them it was possible to do a reg tweak where you could make the power light flash if a call came in. or if there was a missed call it would flash a certain color, in stand by mode it would flash green every second or 3 to let you know it was powered on and to be able to find the phone easily in a dark room or in the the middle of the night while in bed.

is there anyone knowledgable enough here to accomplish this same effect for me? i'd be willing to pay for this feature i used it every day!

just glance over where phone was and the power light would flash, green blue amber. letting me know if unit was on, if i had a message, missed call etc..

I cant remember where i originally found this tweak but i think it may have been here :P

Thanks For any help

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I can probably write you a small app that will do what you need if nobody has a better solution. I just actually ordered my HD2 earlier today so I can't look into it until I receive it later this week.

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I have to admit to only starting using it the other day, but it is definatley a handy little tool.

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