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Application that uses a Secure Method to store Notes

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Hey guys ITS BEEN A MIGHTY long time since i have been around.

I would say my last active usage was back when i was right into firmware flashing with my V3X motorola

But that is not what this topic is about.

I Decided it was time for a decent upgrade up from my Nokia N80

I got my self a Samsung Omina Pro B7320

Now I have found Tons of apps for it some good some bad but the only app thats proving a little annoying to track down is one like i had on an Old I-mate smartphone 2 basicly its a Secure password locked Note jogger application capable of Saving Account logins and Passwords or pins ect in a secure way aka ( Makes use of Full Qwerty Keypad with Symbols and Letters, Numbers )

I will keep looking around but i just thought maybe someone hear had been wanting the same thing and new where one was that would do the trick.

Kind Regards

** Edit **

oh dear i been active again for about 1hr and already i managed to put a Application post in the wrong area

it's meant to go in Software/Applications for smartphone Standard editions.

Sorry Mods

Edited by ledhead900

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