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Looking for a "stand-alone" calendar app with ftp function

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Hello Y'all,

I am looking for a winmo application that will:

-give me a calendar/agenda

-this calender can be uploaden (scheduled) to a ftp-server (merges itself with excisting data on ftp-server)

-this calender can download (scheduled) data from the ftp-server

Now i know that google has its calendar (so there's no need to sync) just open up the browser on the mobile device. Only thing is, i can't add apponitments m.google.com/calendar, which is very inconviniant. (and Google calender-server has problems right now) And i don't need a flashy look. Just a "reminder-list of the things i or my wife have to do at that day)

Does anybody know a good cab?

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Why don't you just create a sync partnership with Google Calendar and create your appointments directly to your calendar, without any browsers?


After that, you can use the calendar in your Outlook (with restrictions), Thunderbird, Horde or any other e-mail client and also check your calendar using your browser.

Why would you even consider FTP to sync your appointments?

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