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14/Jun r6 riskfreeroot - HTC Desire rooting guide - now with HBOOT 0.80 and OS to 1.21 support

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I was using a tutorial to flash a HTC Desire and I stacked on

" Navigate to the BOOTLOADER and then the RECOVERY option on the menu, using the volume buttons to move and the power button to select"

The black screen with a red triangle doesn't appears.

It appears black screen with htc sine in a middle of screen and 4 triangles in the 4 corners.

any suggestion for the mentioned problem?

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Maybe been mentioned else where but 128 pages? I'm not checking- sorry. I rooted my desire using unrevoked. Very easy indeed. Worth a look if you want some tasty Gingerbread.

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hello can someone explain to me why only on your r6 rom my android market works no one have answer when i install cyanogenmod rom or ledroid i can install apps but i cant run it i can only uninstall on your r6 rom everything works perfect but the only problem is that version of android is 2.1 i would like that the version of android is at least 2.3.5 sorry for my bad english because im from bosnia :)

this is the screenshot of my problem sU4VW.png

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