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Vox Rose Kitchen 2.0 [WM 6.1] + [WM 6.5] + WITH INSTRUCTIONS

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Vox Rose Kitchen v2.0

I present to you my new Vox Rose Kitchen v2.0.

It now supports the Vox and the Rose.

The downloads here will be Rose specific only. I have WM 6.1 ready, but WM 6.5 isn't quite there. Once that is done, I'll upload it as well.

For the Vox version go here!


For all things you can do with the kitchen, please look at the thumbnail!

  • dotNET Framework (at least 2.0)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable
  • Windows XP or higher is recommended (SplashMaker doesn't work under 64-bit operating systems)
  • Kitchen has to be located like this: %systemdrive%\Vox Rose Kitchen\... -- So in the "Vox Rose Kitchen"-folder should be the exe and all the folders (OEM,SYS,ROM,TOOLS)!

    The download comes in two parts!
    First is the TOOLS folder and the "Vox Kitchen.exe".
    The second part are the ROM, SYS and OEM folders.

    General Downloads (always needed):
Download OEM folder, SYS folder and the ROM folder.

Downloads for WM 6.5

[*]Download OEM folder, SYS folder and the ROM folder. (please add this XIP.bin to the ROM folder)

Downloads for WM 6.1 (20282.1.3.6):Downloads: Edited by frauhottelmann

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The Building Process

Fire up "Vox Rose Kitchen.exe" in the normal kitchen folder ("C:\Vox Rose Kitchen") and go to the build tab. It'll look like this:


The first step is to start G'Reloc and check if the values are right for the Rose (look at the picture) and click on "Do it"!


  • If you are cooking with WM 6.5 you might get errors, because G'Reloc isn't ready for Wm 6.5. In this case you click OK and then "Do it!" again and it'll tell you which module is producing the error. You can now either go to that folder and use Unlocker to unlock the "tmp"-file and delete it and then click "Do it!" again to keep going or you use recmod to make a file out of the module (better if you are cooking more then once). I recommend the recmod path it's easier and faster once you've eliminated all "bad" modules!
  • The WM 6.5 package I supply has all modules already fixed, so you don't need to worry (once it's done :blink:)!

When G'Rleoc is done (it might look like it hangs and then unexpectedly is done), you can close it and continue on with BuildOS. Here you can choose what to include and what not to include (only OEM packages, if you don't want certain languages (all the xxx_LANG_0XXX folders) or SYS packages you'll have to delete them manually! Please do not remove the package I have marked in the picture, unless you are re-integrating customer service (but why would you :confused::eek::huh:).

Click on the green play button once you have selected everything you want! It'll say done at the bottom once it's done!


When it's done you can close it and click on "Create Rose ROM".

This will automatically insert a xip into the new ROM if there is one present in the ROM folder (xip.bin). You don't need a new XIP for 6.1 and I supply one with my WM 6.5 package (you know...once it's done :P). So basically you don't have to worry about XIPs.


The cmd window will do everything on it's own and it's done when the window closes itself. You now have a OS-new.nb in the temp folder.

Now open then "Start HTC ROM Tool" and click on "Build!":


Under "Device" choose Diamond and change the "ModelID" to ROSE1000.

Change the "Version" to what ever you want and leave the rest alone.

Then select a OS and choose the OS-new.nb in the temp folder.

Then click on "Build" and save the ROM in TOOLS\RoseFLASH and you are done with cooking!


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