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Pearl Jam

WP7 Ultimate Windows Phone 7 M2D 2 Theme!!!!

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Ok...the Beta is HERE

June 1st - updated internet tab and some other very minor changes








1) Backup you M2D theme with M2DC

2) Install my WP7 Black 6.5 theme (optional but recomended with the M2D theme - I install this to device)

3) Install WP7 M2D theme with M2DC (save theme to storage card or storage, open M2DC> Add> Select WP7 theme> Highlight WP7 theme> Apply Theme***do not check either box***)

4) Install WP7 Clock (skinny white) to device

5) Install Font to Windows (optional but recomended)

6) Change the following fonts in M2DC (to get the look of mine, but again not necesary):

Home Tab Title Text > Color = Black

Big Icon Scrolling Tab Text> Color =Black

Generic Tab Title Text > Color = Black

Tab Bar Unread Msg Count Text > Font Face = Zegoe Light - U, Font Size = 24, Font Color = White ***Highly Recomended Change***

Music Tab Song Text > Font Face = Zogoe Light - U, Font Size = 28, Font Color = White

Music Tab Artist Text > Font Face = Zogoe Light - U, Font Size = 36, Font Color = White

Music Tab Time Text > Font Size = 8

(I hit the OK button after I set all of my font to save - not Apply)

Rules :huh:

1) If you download this theme PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK :P

2) Please dont post this elsewhere or upload elsewhere - just link to this thread

3) If you are going to modify this theme please post links to your mods so everyone can see and please link to this thread giving proper credit (I get paid in compliments)

4) Be patient with your questions




WP7 Black by PJ (6.5 theme)

WP7 Clock by PJ

WP7 Ultimate M2D theme by Pearl Jam!!! Updated 6-1-10

ZogoeLight-U (font)


Ultimate WP7 M2D Theme folder

This is the beta and I will need to address the following things:

*I have to update the mail pics in the email tab, they look pixelized now

*I added the Calendar tab for people who want to use a flash calander, but I have not yet implemented this on my own (disable Operator tab in M2DC if you want - otherwise it's blank)

*It is supposed to say camera at the top of the pictures tab but Im having trouble figuring out what is wrong at this moment (if you tab the top of the screen it will start the camera)

*The music tab is a bit of an odd one...I didnt want to put the text next to the album but there doesnt seem to be a way to left justify it and it looked shitty above and in the center - its supposed to go off the screen on this version, to follow the WP7 look and kind of get around the centering issue

*The locate button at the top of the search screen is not working (this tab is very complicated) however you can just hit enter on your keyboard after you enter your text

*I would love to have the single colum look on the programs tab, but it doesnt seem possible

Things I like that wont be changed (much)

*The Home screen, Contact, Messages, most of the Email tab, weather tab (I love this one), Setting tabs (maybe my favortie)

Ok this was loads of fun dreaming this up - enjoy and LEAVE FEEDBACK :blink:

Oh Please, please don't bombard me with a ton of questions about HOW to modify M2D themes (at least not right away :D ). I didnt know how to do any of this stuff a month ago. I suggest that you go to the M2D Hottest Themes Section here at modaco, download a theme that looks cool to you and then extract the files to see what you got. If you get stuck on that last step, then I suggest leaving it to the pros. If you get past that and you can swap out images and psudo build your own M2d themes - AWESOME! I know Im gonna get a ton of questions on the xml, before you ask please look at this one next to a normal theme and see whats different (that's how I learned - and I still just mostly guessed). We could always use more themers so go download and givie it a shot (I do not suggest starting your modifying journey with this theme because it will just mess you up)

That being said - I love to help people, just make sure you've given it a shot first :o

Thanks to:


Thank you to all of the WAD/Throttle Launcher/M2D/6.5 skinners out there for the inspiration!

Edited by Pearl Jam

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This section will be for all extras that go with this theme made by myself

My new load cursor... WP7-Cursor-by-PJ.gif?t=1272863121 larger (so you can see it)Large-WP7-wait-Cursor-by-PJ.gif?

Laurie9300 over at OmniaMods.com cabbed this up for me (make sure you follow the directions and install the NewSDKCerts.cab first and it will work)

Cursors @ OmniaMods.com Thanks Laurie!!!

made another cursor Window-7-small-Cursor.gif?t=1273027366 large one Window-7-Large-Cursor.gif?t=1273027464


Based on the image from the blazingwold modified version of the Windows Phone Animated Welcomehead by emse_186 @ xda (link in next section)

Window 7 Cursor based on boot animations made by Livven over at XDA (found below in next section)

Edited by Pearl Jam

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hey pearl jam! excellent !! i like your work ///all the panel are very nice for me except 'internet page " i prefer this..


Edited by bigfoune

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That really a good thing you are doing..waiting for it

but HOW are u actually doing

u hav some M2D editing software or something else

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Thanks fellas!

@ bigfoune - I agree yours is better, I'll put it in (thank you!)

@ Brio94 - haha I thought it needed the '"Ultimate" tag (I find a lot of people name thiers, so why not me?)

@ medevil14 - I wish there was some sort of M2D editing software - I download a theme, extract it (un-zip), make (lots and lots of) new images on Photoshop, replace images from the previous theme, then open the home settings xml file with notepad and spend hours modifying the lines then checking it on my phone (and then more modifying lines checking on my phone over and over and over for like a hundred hours) haha...but it's simple to do basic image modifications/swap outs - try it out!

Find lots of themes here:

M2D themes

Download some - extract the files - see what others have done - and make your own (give credit of course to the originals)!!! The more the better!!!!

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Looks good! Take your time and get it right!!

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[size="3"]hey pearl jam thanks for the info

go on with ur modifications

and make the perfect ultimate windows 7 theme

one cookie for u :huh:

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Ok fellas

Should have the tester out this weekend. Still have a bunch of bugs and things I would like to get right before I let it loose. For those of you that have made M2D themes - you can tell by looking at this one that it is not just a swap out of images, it is very labor intensive and there are not a whole lot of recourses available so most of it's trial and error. I'm spending like five hours a day on this...so just keep being patient (in the mean time if you like, you could tell me how great it looks and how excited you are for it...I love compliments ha-ha :P

Tourag - Sorry, not going to be coming out in W(VGA) because I don't have A W(VGA) device to test it with. Maybe the team that has taken over the original GTX theme over at XDA could whip something up for you. They seem to have a good grasp on Manila/TouchFLo. The main problem is that all my images are in WQVGA format and if they are upscaled they might be a bit grainy (much easier to shrink images for our devices) If you find someone who would like to try and tackle this on WVGA I'll be happy to help however I can (after I finish this version of course) I'll probably join you guys in the future, but for now I'm poor and must stick with my Omnia :D

* Im here to help anybody who needs it...if you guys see someone with a question that you might be able to answer or help with, make sure you take the time to do so...that's why we're here *

Edited by Pearl Jam

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